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  • Puffiness of Eyes - What Can You Do to Remove It?    By: Deena David

    There are many causes of puffiness of the eyes and the treatment also varies. Read on about all of these causes and also their treatment. >> Category: Others
  • Do You Believe Marriages Are Made in Heaven Or Something Else !    By: mallika thapliyal

    Just an opinion about marriages I wonder They are made in heaven or Its some other power making our relationships work. >> Category: Others
  • Choosing an MLM Company - Four Things to Consider.    By: Chris Mckool

    Use this MLM stategy to help you choose the perfect mlm opportunity. Do your homework before you invest in any mlm opportunity. >> Category: Others
  • To Be Like the Wind    By: kishore thampi

    Like the sound waves, I travelled far into yonder blending with the horizon. A gentle breeze blew past, waking me up from my reverie. Time to go home. >> Category: Others
  • The Zodiac Killer New Information    By: Dean Meredith

    This article is about the recently discovered information on the zodiac killer. The zodiac killer was a serial killer, who killed across California in the 1960s and 1970s. >> Category: Others
  • The Amazing Features of Modern Architecture    By: Deena David

    There are many different changes in the modern architecture. Read this article to learn about the changes in the designs, safety features and other features of modern architecture. >> Category: Others
  • Understanding Exactly How Consolidate Debt Loans Helps You to Save You From Bad Debts    By: Shawn Valenti

    A single on the most dominant problems that can have an effect on everybody is paying off credit card debt. Everybody can be affected by credit card debt but only few can totally get rid of it. Specifically with recession and economic decline greeting us each and every time we go outside. >> Category: Others
  • Be Astonished at What Will Loan Consolidation Implement For Your Finances?    By: Karla Valenti

    Even previous to the decline within the economy one of the problems that a individual may possibly have or may always think about is debt...debt...and a lot more debt. >> Category: Others
  • Cricket in Snow Hills    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is to give an idea of the cricket stadium at Dharamshala. >> Category: Others
  • To Be a Good Leader One Needs to Be an Effective Listener    By: Fahad Kazmi

    This article is on the concept of 'Listening cost Nothing' as you say that, please listen because you need not to pay anything for what you listen. >> Category: Others
  • One Narcissistic Bird: How Mark Hancox Took Photos of Nuthatch Bird    By: Ansen Wilson

    One photographer came from the US, he stayed at shelter which built by himself for one month just for taking a photo of Nuthatch bird playing with water. With his hard working, he photographed a perfect picture which one Bird (Nuthatch) facing water, feeling self-pity and very interesting. >> Category: Others
  • Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5 - Simply Amazing!    By: Mike Dickey

    Silverfast develops art of state technologies in digital scanner softwares. >> Category: Others
  • 'Kench' Fries and Burger    By: kishore thampi

    I then realized that the world that we see around is a reflection of us. We can make it colourful if we want to, or malign it with our darkest requiems. It is how we perceive the world that determines our well being. If we throw stones and dirt, we will be pelted with the same. But if we throw flowers, we will be showered with the same. >> Category: Others
  • Multilevel Marketing Opportunity - Why is It So Appealing    By: nate laurent

    Multilevel advertising and marketing or MLM business alternative is a method for individual individuals to really feel like they're their very own bosses. This is a big reason why so many are joining. >> Category: Others
  • A Plan For the Entrepreneur Found in the Immunotec and Max International Business    By: nate laurent

    Immunotec and Max International Review - Are They Both Scams? Here's The Facts. Also Learn The Secret To Adding 20-30 New Distributors A Month (Consistantly!) Into Both Immunotec or Max International On Auto-Pilot! >> Category: Others
  • Genuine Paid Surveys    By: benton jerry

    Make money online by participating in free online surveys >> Category: Others
  • The Legend of Present Day Cricket    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is to speak about the achievements of Sachin Tendulkar. To give an insight of his cricket life. >> Category: Others
  • Alternate Therapy in Increasing the Chances of Pregnancy    By: Deena David

    Alternate therapies are an important method of treating a chronic condition like infertility. The combination method where more than one treatment is used to treat the individual is very useful too. >> Category: Others
  • Methods to Make Your Child More Disciplined and Mature    By: Deena David

    Children may be disciplined or rude and naughty. As parents, it is your responsibility to make your child more disciplined with various methods. Read on to learn about these methods. >> Category: Others
  • What is Lead Time?    By: Raja Vikram

    this article is to give an idea of lead time. Lead time and its usage in the manufacturing Industries. >> Category: Others
  • The Important Ideas For Success of Event Planners    By: Jo Justin

    Event planners have a hectic job arranging and organizing events. Read on to learn the various ideas for success of event planners. >> Category: Others
  • Being a Farmer    By: Priya Doraisami

    Being a Farmer and Farming as a Profession in 21st Century. Once Farming was the main backbone for the Indian Economy and Farmers had a enriching life. But for the past 5 years, Indian farmers are going through a tough life. >> Category: Others
  • God Jesus Respect For All Human Life    By: michael carvell

    This articles teaches of God Jesus the holy spirit respect care freedom of all human life, accepting all human birth right of God >> Category: Others
  • Why Population Growth is the Biggest Problem of India    By: Deena David

    The population growth is the biggest problem of India in the present context because of the effects it can have on the economy. Read on to learn how the population growth affects India's growth. >> Category: Others
  • United Nations Organisation- UNO    By: Sanoj Raju

    We should have international Organisations to ensure liberalisation of foriegn trade and to maintain the economic stand with countries. UNO is an organisation to control the functioning of trade and relationships. >> Category: Others
  • Personality    By: Sanoj Raju

    Everyone talks about personality. But no one knows what is personality. >> Category: Others
  • Home Sweet Home For Emraan    By: Liyakat Shah

    Home is the basic necessity of human beings. Recently the Pali Hill area refused to confess a house to Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi there were allegations that the actor is a serial kisser which would have an impact on the children residing in that posh colony. >> Category: Others
  • Activism My Style!!    By: Samir Kumar

    Perils of cyberactivism. The story is simple and is played out every now and then whenever any unfortunate incident happens in our country (e.g. Ruchika Molestation case). I would be sitting infront of TV's in my drawing room. >> Category: Others
  • Learn to Keep Your House Free of Pests    By: Deena David

    Each and every house is prone to pests. There are certain simple methods that can help to prevent the pests from entering your house. Read this article to learn about these methods. >> Category: Others
  • A SILENT WITNESS - To the Greatest Financial Heist in World History PART 2    By: raihan richards

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Will Muslims be immune from a potential financial catastrophe. Can anyone really claim to be ignorant of the credit crisis spreading across the globe and what happens to the innocent bystander? >> Category: Others
  • A SILENT WITNESS - To the Greatest Financial Heist in World History PART 3    By: raihan richards

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Will Muslims be immune from a potential financial catastrophe. Can anyone really claim to be ignorant of the credit crisis spreading across the globe and what happens to the innocent bystander? >> Category: Others
  • Astonishing Reason For Dinosaurs' Perdition    By: Mavis Lee

    Lack of slow wave sleep is the reason for Dinosaurs' Perdition. >> Category: Others
  • Astrology and Un-Natural Death: is There a Link?    By: Claire Oakwood

    A 9 year study was undertaken, reviewing more than 60,000 un-natural deaths and the deceased person's star sign. The results were sometimes surprising, but also showed a clear relationship between sign and certain types of death. We tell you how was the study done and how to access your sign's results. >> Category: Others
  • Methods of Saving Money on your Baggage when you Travel by Air    By: Deena David

    Saving money on your baggage when you fly is very important. You may need to pay a hige amount if you exceed the limit. Read this article to learn how to save money on baggage when flying. >> Category: Others
  • The Amazing Welfare Schemes in Tamil Nadu    By: Jo Justin

    Tamil Nadu has not only been on the path of development, but the various schemes introduced by the state government have made the place a better place to live in. Read here to know of all the welfare schemes in Tamil Nadu. >> Category: Others
  • Developing Sectors in India    By: Jo Justin

    India as a country has been in the forefront of development. Read on to know about the various sectors that are booming in India. >> Category: Others
  • Habit and Character    By: kishore thampi

    It's very difficult to change your attitude and character. It's your thought which becomes your deed and your deeds becomes your habit and your habits shapes your character. So always remember to gravitate towards your positive thoughts and feelings for it will greatly help in shaping your character >> Category: Others
  • The Competitive World    By: kishore thampi

    Competition is a natural phenomenon of human life. From the time we were little children, barely knee high to our parents, we have learnt to compete for what we want. Since then competition has embedded itself into the fabric of our day to day lives >> Category: Others
  • The Power of Thought    By: kishore thampi

    Many of us approach our dreams backwards. We think we have to 'figure out' what to do in order to get what we want. We think action is required and that's what we focus on. But if we never check in on how that action feels, we spin our wheels frustrating ourselves to the point where we often give up - or at least go at it the hard way. >> Category: Others
  • The Power of Confidence    By: kishore thampi

    Confidence is the self belief and the realization of one's capabilities. It is recognition of the potential within us. Without confidence, potential is like an ice berg. The major portion of it will remain within us, never blossoming to fruition >> Category: Others
  • Giving Our Best Shot    By: kishore thampi

    There is a common misconception that 'Winning' is the ultimate measure of your mettle and character. But the truth is something different. Giving our best shot is more important than the end result >> Category: Others
  • Follow Your Heart    By: kishore thampi

    Every one is unique and embedded with a repertoire of talents, waiting to be unleashed. You have to listen to your own heart to make out what you are good at. Before every deed, just listen to your heart. >> Category: Others
  • Time Management    By: kishore thampi

    The real key to effective time management relies on focusing on the goals set by the individuals and the choices they make. Being punctual is also very important to keep track with the time and it also demonstrates to others an image of professionalism. >> Category: Others
  • Thought Vs Action    By: kishore thampi

    There is a common misconception that it is difficult to regulate our thoughts. But the truth is we can control and regulate our thoughts in the same way a traffic policeman controls the traffic on a rush day. Undesirable and destructive thoughts should be arrested while constructive thoughts need to be encouraged. Sometimes as we change the topic of our conversation, we need to change the focus of our thoughts too to streamline our thinking prowess. >> Category: Others
  • The Power of Endurance    By: kishore thampi

    The distinguishing factor between success and failure mostly depends on how we perform and react during testing times. Under the given normal conducive situation it is very difficult to differentiate between mediocrity and brilliance >> Category: Others
  • The Dance of Life - Finding Our Own Rhythm    By: kishore thampi

    We need to learn the rhythm of life as we grow. We need to feel/ listen to the rhythm of other people, the rhythm that nourished our parents, our grand parents, our ancestors down the ages and understand their stories and the struggles to give shape and purpose to our own dance >> Category: Others
  • The Mind's Game - Perception    By: kishore thampi

    The world that we see around is a reflection of us. We can make it colourful if we want to, or malign it with our darkest thoughts. It is how we perceive the world that determines our well being. If we throw stones and dirt, we will be pelted with the same. But if we throw flowers, we will be showered with the same. >> Category: Others
  • Ramzaan the King of Islamic Month    By: Liyakat Shah

    Ramzaan is the king of Islamic month we get double benefits of each deeds. With the sighting of the moon in the sky along with the twinkling of stars would mark the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadam and every Muslim around the globe would be thankful to Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat for giving us a chance to be a part of this jubilation. >> Category: Others
  • Life is Precious Gift of God    By: Liyakat Shah

    Life is the best gift of Almighty God live it with smile >> Category: Others
  • The Essence of HR Management    By: kishore thampi

    The present day banking is in a metamorphosed state with myriad businesses being intertwined and competition creeping into almost all genres of banking. In this highly volatile milieu the role of Human resources Management has gained relevance as organizations across the globe have attributed success to their well oriented team. The growth and development of an institution depends wholly on the quality of its workforce, their perseverance and aptitude for improvement. >> Category: Others

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