Women are a different species within the human population according to me. It might be very different but it hat I truly believe. As a female myself I understand the plight of the many women who have to undergo torture continuously, ranging from domestic violence to sexual abuse on the streets. The recent news on a girl being raped publicly by twenty people in front of a crowd shows just how much people have advanced in thoughts. when people say that women are the ones who provoke the attack, then they are raising a question on every women's clothing including their own mothers and sisters. Why can't men respect other women? Is that hard to follow what our Indian pledge ingrains into us, "All Indians are my brothers and sisters, I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy".

Another feminist poet wrote a poem on women which showed us the various forms of a women, she is first a daughter and a sister, then a wife and then a mother and it also talks about the relationship she has with her in laws and her husband. Her children grow up and finally she is left with no one but her voice which cannot be suppressed despite the physical confinements and constraints. Women have already been garnered as the weaker sex through the centuries and the mindset of the people has not adapted itself to the modern view. But it is also difficult to consider the women equal to men in all spheres and especially spheres such as the military, armed forces or the police seem to take the women as inferior to them and think it is their birth right to abuse and subjugate all women. Since their childhood they are taught to listen to the father and the mother is there to serve the father. Her aspirations for the son are not even taken into account but the thing that is never going to change is the never ending cycle that the mother suffers and her mother before that and that is the same learning they pass on to their daughters. Psychologically speaking the father and daughter are considered closer and the mother and son but because we will always tend to follow one's own gender and that is why he most common answers one gets to hear from the victims of domestic violence cases is that we have seen our mothers suffer the same way, so we did not think it was something unlawful.

I would just like to conclude by saying that women are integral to our society and even though the Shastras such as the Manusmriti tells us that a women is weak and not capable of staying on her own and that she should be under the care of first her father then her husband and during old age her son, it is time to change that mentality and make sure that our nation does not loose out on its India 2020 goal because of just one factor-women.

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