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Frequently Asked Questions:
Everyday week we receive several enquiries from our readers and authors. We have answered some of the most common questions which our users ask.

Q1. Is there a charge for publishing my articles on your site?
A1. Not at all. All services of this website are free. You do not get charged or paid for publishing your articles with us.

Q2. Why did you reject my article?
A2. We prefer printing only original and good quality articles. Although we reserve rights to reject any article but 99% of the articles are rejected because of these three reasons.

- We reject any article which already exists on the internet, even if they are on your own blog or website. Additionally, even if an article which has not been copied in 'entirety' but several sections of that article are already present on the internet, word to word, we do not approve it. Bottomline, we try our best to reject all articles with duplicate content.

- Articles with inappropriate content. If your article contains offensive content and we feel that it may hurt centiments of an individual or corporation we do not approve it. Articles based on prostitution, casino, alcohol etc .. are also usually rejected.

- Articles containing several grammatical mistakes, hard breaks or almost no informative content (like Spam, Poem, Just Self-Marketing, Essay writing services) are also not approved.

Our team makes an attempt to scan most articles and reject inappropriate submissions. There are several websites which are so hungry for content that they will just publish any article, but that is not how we operate.

Q3. How soon will Google pick up my article?
A3. Based on our observation, most articles are picked by Google Search within 1 to 24 hours after we approve it. Obviously there is no guarantee as it's up to Google.

Q4. How long does it take for my article to get approved?
A4. We try to approve almost all good submissions within 24 hours. Some articles which we suspect might have duplicate content, take 48 hours or more.

Q5. Why don't you allow editing an article?
A5. We use to allow editing of articles - Based on our observation, 99% authors never edited their articles after initial submission, 1% authors just kept editing articles repeatedly and most of them did not make any significant change. Since editing an article and it's re-submission requires a fresh review from our staff everytime, we disabled the article editing feature to save our time and energy. Now we request all articles to be reviewed thoroughly before submission. If your article really requires a meaninful change, we will be happy to edit it, just email us along with its current URL.

Q6. Why did you select the domain name 'Saching'?
A6. We wanted a domain name which was short, easy and has been online for a long time because of all the SEO benefits, this one has been online since year 2000. Looking how well search engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo have given importance to this website & domain name, we feel sticking to our choice of this domain name was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

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