Indian women cricket team played the first test match in 1976/77. They performed well in the last women cricket world cup. They stayed as runners for the cup. It was more than our expectations. Even in 1997 and 2000 they reached the semifinals of the world cup. They were the winners of the Asia cup from the year 2004 to 2008. Each year they won the matches and cup. They are fighting back well. As a part of development from ICC for the women cricket team it got merged with BCCI in 2006. The present captain of the team is Jhulan Goswami. Even they did well in the recently happened T20 world cup.

Indian Women cricket team played well in the T20 world cup. They fought well with all teams and stayed hard till the semifinal. They fought with Australia in the semifinal. Australia beat India in chasing they scored 123 for 3 whereas Indian team landed at 119 for 5. This is good that we went till the semifinal. Although it was a loss in the semifinal we did well till that moment. We fought well with Sri Lanka in the quarter final. In this match we beat Sri Lanka by 74 runs. We made 144 and restricted Sri Lankan team to 73.

Hence by looking at the above discussion and statistics we can say that they are working hard to win the matches. As now it is merged with BCCI has helped them to perform well. If some more support will be given to them then they will perform good . They need some more support from the audience as well as from BCCI. If these things will happen then they will perform for sure. There is no hesitation in saying that they did good work in the current T20.

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