Often we have heard and seen people remark about the changes that incurs in people. some become good and some turn out to be astonishingly bad. A silent one turns to be noisy and an extrovert may become completely introvert, leaving all of us to guess the reason for the transformation.



Suzainna strode bold, like models,
Cat-walked with high heeled sandals,
Golden curls bounced at her nods,
and lay cascading her oval face.
Bosom straight, hips swayed,
All men cheered and waved.

No wrinkles or freckles,
Shiny, clear skin of teen.
She greeted all in a husky voice,
Old men melted to their youth,
Youngsters warmed within,
With sudden blood gush, soothing.

Fragrance she wafted mesmerized,
Even dames of all age felt hypnotized,
Awe-struck by her evergreen charm.
Though she had covered half a century,
Flair at fifty still flamboyant,
Her confidence made many ladies scorn.

Lasses once her school mates whispered
"Is this our Suzy who followed as a lamb?
Innocent, shy with monosyllable talk
Not bothered about her attire at all
Fear of God so intense and strong
Hence afraid to look at boys".

College pals who had become grandma's
Placed their hands upon their mouth
To hush the quotes about her to another
"As a teen she never had any affair
Now a flirt! How can she be?
A dare devil not bothered of any".

The nuns and teachers who had taught
Aided to up-bring this little one to adult
Asked in unison to creator above
"Why change this angel so dear?
Who never forgot to recite all prayer?
Is now the foul Talk of the Town"

Is Suzainna really a sinner?
The transformation of Jesus to Judas
As picturised by Leonardo Da Vinci
Has situations betrayed her?
Or circumstances cajoled her?
Beautiful butterfly to horrible caterpillar
She moved with a heart unread

Kerala State

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