Pilgrim Software is recognized as a world leader in Enterprise Risk, Compliance and Quality Management software solutions. Since its establishment in 1993, Pilgrim Software has been pioneering effective software solutions for enterprises within regulated industries and offering more than 250 years of experience from among its management team alone.

One of the most highly regarded solutions offered by Pilgrim Software is its Enterprise Risk Management platform, offered as a method for assessing and documenting risks to ultimately implement recommendations and remediation plans. The Risk Management platform comprises three fundamental steps: risk assessment and analysis, risk planning and review and monitoring risk.

The Enterprise Risk Management solution provided by Pilgrim Software provides an opportunity to identify, document and manage all risks faced by an organization. Pilgrim's leading solution even allows for the customer to categorize each risk factors assessment by having a different collection form for each type of risk identified. The assessment and analysis portion of the Risk Management platform is undoubtedly the most essential step, as it will allow for a better planning and monitoring later on in the Risk Management process. The platform also enables customers to prioritize their response strategies, which leads to optimized risk/reward outcomes.

After a thorough assessment and analysis of potential risks, Pilgrim's Risk Management platform's next step is the planning and review of those results. This step will allow defining a risk plan, process and controls. When using Pilgrim's comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management platform, a company can easily implement his own risk plan, policies and procedures. To optimize the capability of a company to execute those procedures and observe regular effectiveness, it is necessary to have access to consistent visible documentation, to track events in real time to drive risk evaluation, and to enforce the standardized processes while promoting effective enterprise-wide communication.

The third essential step of the Enterprise Risk Management platform from Pilgrim Software is to thoroughly monitor real-time events and risk. After assessing the risk possibilities and implementing quality solutions and programs to decrease the possibility of those risks, monitoring the results is the only way of being assured of the effectiveness of the new protocols and processes implemented in step 2. Pilgrim's Risk Management platform includes executive dashboards providing enterprise-wide visibility into the risk management process, and highlights issues that need to be addressed, as a supplementary monitoring option. Having access to this data is essential in order to continue improving and optimizing the risk management program in an organization.

Pilgrim Software is a proud provider of software solutions for organizations and enterprises. Their highly-regarded Risk Management platform offers a comprehensive well-rounded solution to assess and identify risk, as well as to help implement effective solutions to counter-act those risks and monitor the results after implementation. The platform promotes healthy operating margins, process efficiencies, quality and compliance and overall profitability.

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Regulatory, revenue, quality and safety risks are inherent in every industry. Pilgrim Software has experience and technology to help stabilize the risks and provides the insurance to prevent future occurrences. For more info visit http://www.pilgrimsoftware.com.