Listening Costs Nothing

"Please listen to me because listening cost nothing". 'Bhaisab' and 'Bhanji' please give me few seconds of your attention..shouts the seller while we are mobile, travelling in a local bus or on a train moreover on the road when traffic signals halts the traffic, a sales person comes and start selling petty items saying..."Mere baat suniye..Ye item mart 10/-rupiah ka hay".....and continues, disclosing the price of that particular item at the end or when the buyer ask for it.

But do we really think/agree on what they say..."Please listen to me because listening cost nothing". All our costing that is involved is only due to listening. All the decisions that we take whether for our self or for any business or organization is only the outcome of effective listening. Not only our purchase decision is influenced by listening but also it greatly affects our personal lifestyle, we compare our self either by seeing others or by listening the success stories of others. Why don't we emphasis on "Just be yourself". Sometimes you wish things were different, life was different, you were different, why don't you choose to be OK with your self as no one can go back and change the bad beginning but any one can start anytime and create the successful ending. If men were meant to fly they must have born with wings, if you wish you can fly can.

The Great man theory says that "Leaders are Born and not Made" which is by far very true as if we see our leaders such as our Father of the nation, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehre, Indra Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Neil Armstrong, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams to name few are all leaders because they have never listened to anyone, they did what they wanted. Wright Brothers who contributed and made men to fly. Did any one ask them to do so or did they ever seen some one doing the same thing, the answer is NO, they have chosen to be OK with themselves and to do some thing different and innovative.

In today's word we believe so much on others and to the extent that even we give them a right to make crucial decisions regarding our self. We have never thought of that an individual can be his/her own best guide.

About Author / Additional Info:
Author: Fahad Kazmi
Designation; Lecturer Finance, JIM
Mobile: +91-9936220400