LIFE...a word that relates every thing in this huge UNIVERSE..... Humans have always thought about this particular phenomenon.LIFE...the word with thousands or may i say millions of dimentions,is difficult thing to understand..actually very difficult...Its just that every single mind that works has thought about this abstract phenomenon.Every person has got his feelings about this one..but certainly this feelings are just so confusing...I would rather say the person himself does not know the entire meaning of his would not have been that complicated if we can prove these feelings.Just because feelings are not real,actually they do not even exist.But we do not accept this reality because THE GREAT GODS have given us the organ called HEART.I know its so cruel to call this 'feeling generator'-a mere organ that pumps blood to all our vital parts of body.But again its just the REALITY.We certainly do not want to accept this harsh words for our dearest part that is HEART.

Just now a great question showed its appearance in my brain and that is.."What is essential for what?"I mean-"Is life essential for heart or that heart is essential for living a life?"Being an emotional INDIAN I would rather answer positively for second part of the question.Emotionally,I think heart is eesential for life.But being a science student..the little scientist in me has interfered...and I would interdict my emotional side.

According to me,LIFE is a blend of,mixture of-good and bad,sad and happy moments..LIFE is just the example of paradox.Life is wild but suttle,gay but sad,difficult yet easy..and so on.

LIFE is simple but we make it difficult.The first mistake occurs when we tend to direct ourselves to immitation.I have observed that many ambitious people try to immitate their role model.Many or may I say millions think,for example,they want to become just like THE Sachin Tendulkar.But my point is why do they want to become like someone else.

We are different individuals created by the great LORD such that we have our own identity.If he wants us to become someone else why had he wasted his precious time in creating us.Its simple funda that we are here on this earth to carry out special assignments.These assignments gives us identity.


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