Brazil is developing just like India at a massive rate.The millions of slums have given way to skyscrapers.Their cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have risen from those slums that once stretched across the landscape.Same is the case in India.We are developing fast and the cities like Mumbai, Delhi , Gurgaon etc. are throbbing with opportunities.People from the rural areas are flocking in to these cities for making a decent living.

All this is good and healthy, but it cannot undermine the fact that Brazil has one of the highest crime rates in the world.And India is catching up as well.New Delhi and the surrounding areas are infamous for the rising crime rates.Murders, rapes and looting are some things we've got used to reading in the newspapers daily.Brazil and India have almost similar growth patterns and that can allow us to figure out what the reasons might be for this increasing crime.

The slums that gave way to skyscrapers were the places where the natives of that place actually lived.They were moved to other places and most of their populace was hired as workers to create the sky high metropolis.What followed was a mushroom like development that focused on a particular area and ignored the rest.Now we have a city divided into two:a concrete jungle where the middle class and the high end society are fighting to rise even more, and the slums with lower class people who hardly have work left because the mushroom development is almost done.

The people who once helped build the metropolis are now cordoned off in a corner and ignored.Now, I don't mean that the whole populace will turn out to be criminals, but many elements who have no choice left will definitely try to earn some easy money.This is the reason why Brazil is infamous for its crime rates.But what have we learnt from them?Absolutely nothing I suppose, because when I travel around Gurgaon and Delhi, I see the same old mushroom rising to the sky and then the slums just beside it.We like to blame it all on the police for their incompetency and the corruption, and that might be true to some extent, but in in the bigger picture that is not enough to justify this.

Development in my opinion should be even throughout.If you're providing facilities to a particular group of people, then that should be reciprocated to the other groups as well.Focus now should be to create job opportunities for the youth who live around these cities.

Many people blame the people coming in from other parts of the country for committing such crimes, but that is something totally baseless.For the people who do such deeds are locals who have nothing better to do.A person who comes from Bihar, UP or any other state won't leave his home and come so far to commit crimes.

So yes, we can blame the police whenever we like for a crime committed, but we need to understand that they certainly don't have the power of being omnipresent.We need to cut the problem right off its root.It will take time, but is the only way if we want to see our developed society living their lives without fear of getting mugged or murdered.

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