Astrology and Un-Natural Death - An Amazing Study

What began as a late night joke about the way people with certain star signs might die, became a serious attempt to prove that while it takes a seriously talented Astrologer and a lot of luck to predict WHEN a person might die (from indicators on their natal chart) it might be possible to see patterns in HOW star signs die.

In order to prove our theory that the traits and characteristics of each sign of the Zodiac should influence their death just as surely as they influence their life, we needed to gather together an enormous amount of information on various types of death and, of course, the victim's date of birth.

Fortunately, my fellow researcher and astrologer and I had many contacts in Law Enforcement and Health all over the country and Canada and our small selection of cases rapidly grew into the tens of thousands.

In fact, we had so many cases that we had to ask people to only send us information about people who had died an un-natural death. By un-natural death, I mean people who died by accident, freak event like a storm or fire, animal attack, violence or suicide.

There were so many ways for a person to die by un-natural means that we decided to focus on the big 10: Fire, Electrocution, Drowning, Animal Attack, Violence (murder, manslaughter; broken down into shooting, stabbing, strangling and beaten/struck) Storms, lightning strike, falling, vehicle accident and suicide.

After only a few thousand cases had been analysed, a pattern was already emerging. By the time we had looked at 50,000 cases, we knew that there was a surprising clear ranking of signs most and least likely to die from a particular cause of un-natural death.

Not only that, but there was also a remarkable difference in just how many un-natural deaths occurred for each Astrological sun sign. In fact, the top ranked sign accounted for 25% more un-natural deaths than the bottom ranked sign.

A further analysis of the cases gathered indicated that in most types of un-natural death, there was a clear relationship between the characteristics or traits of that sign and the type of death they were prone to.

For example; Pisces were the most likely sign to die from Pedestrian, Motorcycle and Bicycle accidents. If you look at the Pisces characteristic of being deeply engrossed in fantasizing and living in a dream world, then this phenomena could be explained by the lack of attention to the real world making them vulnerable on the roads.

Likewise, certain characteristics of signs could be used to explain why a particular sign might be the least likely sign to die from a particular cause.

Aside from the Astrological "proof" provided by the clearly observable commonality between traits of particular signs, this is the first extensive study undertaken that proves the relationship between characteristics and death....and also therefore life!

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About Author / Additional Info:
After 15 years of working in Health and Law Enforcement and having Astrology as a hobby, I finally had the chance to combine all my passions and produce (with a lot of help from interested contributers) a study that is both spiritual, scientific and creative.