Most women will tell you, buy me a rose, call me from work, send me that pack of chocolates the list is endless. Every woman desires an unbreakable love and a diamond ring just says it right. Let me let you in on the secret.

Different kinds of diamonds

If yellow is your color then the Yellow diamond has a picture close to the rising sun. If you are a hopeless romantic, you will love the yellow diamond as it represents the setting sun. Before its discovery, the white diamond has been the reigning king. There is also the champagne diamond. You wonder why they never called it the Gold Diamond as it is gold in color. Though diamond is the hardest natural mineral known to man, it can chip when working on heavy tasks. So take care of your diamonds. You are better of not wearing them while working.

The De Beers Company

The trade in Diamonds is mainly because of the De Beers Company. Though there are many companies that are involved in the trade in diamonds, the company that is involved to the maximum is the one mentioned here. It controls more than 80% of the total trade in the diamonds that occurs all over the world. This company was established in the late 18th century by the British rule in South Africa and is even now based in that country. Other than this, the company also operates in many other countries of Africa, mainly Botswana.

Diamond cutting:

This is the process in which the uncut and raw diamond is made into a precious commodity by cutting the diamond to the right shape. There are several steps that are involved in the process of cutting the diamond. Tough diamonds are usually considered to be very strong, there are times when the diamond can be broken into smaller pieces because of the pressure on it. This makes the cutting of the diamond to be a very delicate activity which had to be done with great care.

The uses of diamonds

Diamonds are mainly used as gems and as precious stones. Jewelry is the most common use of the diamonds that are mined all over the world. On the other hand, the diamonds are also used because of their various properties. One of the properties is that these diamonds are very hard. This is made use in the fact that these diamonds are used to cut glass and many other materials that need to be cut. Other kinds of diamonds are also used in various drill bits. This helps the diamond to cut through or drill through various materials.

Blood diamonds

Though diamonds are used in all these industries, there is a sad story also attached to the world of diamonds and that is the blood diamond. These blood diamonds are those that are mined in areas where there is a war and so the money from the sale of these diamonds are used to fund the wars being fought in Africa.

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