The zodiac killer was a serial killer, who killed across California in the 1960s and 1970s. While the police only ever confirmed that he killed five people and injured seven, he claimed to have killed thirty-seven in a time span of about five years. So who was this elusive serial killer, and what were his means and motives. Well he claimed that each of his victims became a part of his collection of souls (slaves) for his afterlife.

the Zodiac killer was profiled as a sexual sadist, this may be true about the original prime suspect Arthur Leigh Allen. However Allen was cleared in 2002 of any involvement. Zodiac as he called himself was not a sexual sadist. You see he sent a series of ciphers to major newspapers in San Francisco only one of his main ciphers was ever decoded. And it read as follows: I LIKE KILLING PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN IT IS MORE FUN THEN KILLING WILD GAME IN THE FORREST BECAUSE MAN I THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL OF THEM ALL. Note that he say more fun than killing wild game.

He also wrote that it is better than sexual intercourse. That sentence alone proves that he was not a sexual sadist.

The letter concerning the zodiac killers last victim contained a single hair. A reddish brown hair now the zodiac killer was also described as having reddish brown hair. One of the investigators Mike Rodelli identified a suspect infact the person who is the most likely murderer of these five or more people. Mr. x had reddish brown hair in the 1960s however Mr. x also raced horses. Now the hair is either belongs to MR. x or it doesn't. It is my opinion that it does not belong to MR. x but to one of his purebred horses a chestnut. Now if a person was to touch a horse with wet hands a very small, very fine piece of hair would attach itself to said persons hand. Now if that person did not lick his stamp but rather glued it in place on an envelope the hair may fall on to the stamp without that person knowing.

Incidentally MR. x was reported to have been seen in the same area on the night of his last victim walking his dog. But when Rodelli asked were he was in the night in question he blatantly lied and said he was out of the country infact he said he was in Europe.

Therefore it is of my conclusion that MR. x is the zodiac killer.

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