A beautiful word.

What is life.

We see many categories of people in the world . From baby to teenager to bachelor to married men to old men, each have a different view about life.

Some do not have any time to think about life , as they are too busy living it. A child is busy trying to communicate with the parents and neighbours , observe and learn .

Slowly it gets himself busy after going to school. The present system of education keeping the children too busy , giving less time to Play. Further their time is also shared by television, mobile and internet connection. They get less time to see relatives and play with cousins etc.

The teenager is having difficult time , trying to figure out the changes in him/her due to adolescence . Also trying to decide his future viz the courses to take, the subjects to choose etc. Vocational courses are not that attractive to the present teenagers to try. Also the societal needs takes their attention . They try to make their course as clear as possible and prepare themselves for the future. They also try to satisfy their parens and their relatives/neighbours , who try to thrust there opinions on them regarding courses, career etc.

Then comes the period of choosing the spouse. Here again the relatives, neighbours and friends make a great influence in giving free advises ; mostly confusing them .

Once they settle in their career, get married , then their life takes the routine pattern. getting kids a, upbringing them ; trying to balance the family and office , with the parents and elders not able to give much helping to bring up the kids.

Now suddenly they realise, they have grown old and their kids are ready to take over .

Then suddenly the thought comes -- due to the availability of time --whether they have lived a good life ? did they miss any thing ? Now that we have more time at our disposal , but less money and less strength in our body to move too much, what to do further in life .

Some people plan for the future. both in terms of the money part and also the activity part.

For example , some tend to settle in their hometown, usually a silent small place , away from the maddening crowd, bit with basic medical and other facilities.

Some tend to follow religious practices more and spend reciting slouches, learning new slokas , getting into religious groups and do community service .

There are other who try to join clubs viz laughter club, bridge card game club, walkers club etc.
NOW for an opinion about the best way to live life.

Every stage of life, we learn by living. Even though we can learn from other's mistakes , we mostly do mistakes and learn. For some , it is lucky enough not to affect their flow of life and they avoid making big mistakes and lead a fairly balanced peaceful life. Some by their choice , take up adventures like joining the armed services viz army, navy or airforce and lead a very challenging and daring life , which sometimes is very risky.

On the other hand , even though many persons select the peaceful life, in the present world , we notice there are lot of activities, which disrupt our daily life and has even affected many people , their routine and sometimes their career itself.

To summarise, plan for your future ; Be ready to make changes in the plans , if needed ; make a short term plan and a also have a long term goal. Try to include your relatives , particularly close ones when you plan for the future.

Have a great life.

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