Indian National flag

It was the golden day in our History. The Union Jack, the token of long foreign rule over India, was taken down from Red Fort. After a long and keen fight for freedom India got free from the British rule. The symbol of this triumph and patriotism, the National Flag of India, was raised on the Red Fort. It was supreme moment, since than it stands fluttering high in the sky on the winds of freedom. It raises India's head high in the world.

Our national flag is a token of India's freedom and self respect. It represents India and people in it. It is symbol of India's ideals, values and great cultural heritage. Our national flag is tri-coloured. It has three horizontal colours such as saffron, white and green. At the centre of the white stripe there is Ashoka Chakra. These colours on the flag suggest noble ideas. The saffron colour stands for devotion and sacrifice. The white colour stands for peace and harmony. The green colour stands for abundance and prosperity. The Asoka Chakra suggests peace and courageousness. There are twenty four spokes which means twenty four hours a day.

Our national flag is a symbol of honor shown by people of India for their motherland. The freedom fighters devoted their lives for freedom with our national flag in their hand. When some great Indian leader or top military personality dies, the national flag is brought half-way down to pay homage to him. Our national flag is a witness of our history. It inspires to be peaceful, bold, and brave. We should love and respect the national flag we should stand in attention position when the national anthem is being played and pay respect to the national flag. Putting on and national flag and taking off the national flag also have some specific rules that must be followed by the people National Flag should not be thrown or kept on the ground. Our national flag is a symbol of respect for motherland and freedom fighters who with national flag in their hand had sacrificed themselves for its freedom. It represents our country on national and international level in sports and politics.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession