Person's face can be divided into long, square, round, oval, triangle and inverted triangle facial. Jewelry with a mix of different faces, the effect varied widely. Thus, different faces, different styles of jewelry should be worn.

(1) The long face of women, could wear big earrings or round the circle earrings, fine, short necklace, to increase the broad sense of the face. Chooses to use the beautiful, bright earrings, eyes swept across the face, it will make the face appear shorter.

2) Square face of women, could wear medium oval earrings, wearing a longer period of as much as possible of the necklace, and coupled with precious stones necklace in order to increase the sense of gentle face. Maybe some could give these women perfect choice.

3) Round face women, wearing principle is to narrow cheeks, upper and lower longer. May wear thin "V"-shaped necklace and accompanied by pendants, earrings should choose, angular-shaped pendants and hanging style earrings, to increase the sense of the contours of the face.

(4) The oval face is also known as goose has round face, no matter what style of jewelry to wear can be. Of course, if prominent oval faces can wear the jewelry, such as medium-and long necklaces, small pandora earrings, it will further bring out the elegance of the face.

(5) Triangular face, narrow jaw is characterized by the amount of wide, fluffy hair on the temples in the hair color on the plug more eye-catching hair accessories can increase the width of forehead, wearing a small single-particle earrings or small diamond pieces or vertical bead-type medium-sized earrings, pendants with the "V"-shaped pendant necklace, can reduce the broad sense of the lower face.

(6) The inverted triangle face is also known as melon seed face, should wear a small triangle earrings, concise swing ring, thin and short necklaces, in order to increase the broad sense of the lower face.

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