Group training sessions allows companies to train larger volumes in multiple locations faster with fewer hassles than training staff individually. Group training session helps reduce the overhead cost of providing training and is therefore a lot of companies who have a requirement to undertake training on an ongoing basis due to regulatory compliance.

If you are operating in one of the most highly regulated and audited industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical and medical devices or the service industry where you are required to constantly meet the compliance guidelines, you can benefit immensely from group training sessions.

The old traditional paper based methods of compliance training in group sessions can be costly with many headaches - taking into account training courses, certificates, downtime due to employees taking the course and the inability to track compliance in real time. New methods have now emerged to the market that allows companies to prove compliance at the click of a button while also allowing larger volumes of staff to be trained quicker, cost effectively with more benefits as seen as follows;

• Save Money - New advanced group training methods has been shown to save over 51% on existing traditional methods of Compliance Training.

• Reduce Overheads- New advanced group training methods is faster, more efficient and less expensive than any current method.

• Reduce Production Downtime - Courses can be completed faster and more efficiently, meaning less impact on production downtimes.

• Prove Compliance - New advanced group training methods allows you to report on your entire workforce at the click of a button, identifying issues and generates reports.

• Competency, not Attendance - New advanced group training methods allows you to prove the competence of your workforce rather than their "attendance at a training session"

• Increased Effectiveness - You can train and assess 100's of trainees per day, all without any paperwork!

Most of the online compliance training platforms also allows you to store data securely online which removes the need for any paperwork allowing companies to spend their time on other important projects instead.

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