Creativity is an important factor that determines the success of a person. There are many people who are very successful in life. If we do a study on their loves, it can be seen that he creativity is directly proportional to the creative flair in the person. There are many men and women who are not creative enough and this makes them to be in their same old job and is like being in a rut. They do mundane things and they are not able to achieve much in life. This underlines the importance of creativity and the creative flair in life.

There are some pre requisites that are very important in life. Some of the important aspects that every person would need to be creative are in the list of pre requisites. Here they are.

1. Unease with present:

The present should always make the creative person to become unease. If the person has been not creative enough then the present will feel like heaven. Any person who is not satisfied with the present will think a lot and try to change things for the better. This is the best method that can be used in the process of becoming creative.

2. Evaluation process:

There should always be an evaluation process and the person who has the creative flair should try to improve on the results that have been achieved. The creative people are achievers and strivers for further goals in life. The people who are satisfied with what they have will never be able to achieve much in life. The reason for this is that they do not have much of the creativity in them.

3. Out of box thinking:

We have heard so many people keep saying that they think out of the box. This and the term putting on the thinking cap will underline the creativity in a person. A thinker will be a person who is more creative. Each and every one of us has the creative flair in us. We need to use our brain further so that we are able to think differently. The mind perceives everything to be the end of the matter in a person who is not creative. The mind of a creative person makes the person think that every activity and object is the starting point for something new.

4. Dissatisfaction:

Though the dissatisfaction with the present can be frustrating for a person, the dissatisfaction will help the person to try and get something better in life. There are many people who are not satisfied with what they have in life, but they do not try to do anything about it, other than complaining. This will not change things for the better. The best method that can help you to deal with the dissatisfaction is to try and create a change in the method of functioning of things so that everything that you are dissatisfied about, becomes more effective and efficient. This will help the person to be able to be more creative in life.

Creativity should be a flow of things. There are some people who may be very creative, but they do not use their talents a lot. This is a very pathetic situation because hard work is also very important for the creative flair that is present in a person to be able to be exposed to the outside world.

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