What should I write this holy week?
When whole nation's prayers at peak,
An answer to my prayer Oh! Lord I seek;
Make me like Veronica astonishingly meek.

With deep love in her heart she came forward,
Ignored abusive shouts of Soldiers who towered-
around thorn -crowned Christ profusely covererd-
with life blood of love to mankind; willingly showered.

Veronica immersed with passion and grief,
Stretched forth her Towel; nothing did she speak,
Heavy cross laden Christ though painfully weak,
Accepted the towel; wiped thy holy face deep.

A wonderful miracle had incurred,
The image of holy face forever lingered,
As a mark of gratitude towards Veronica
Legendary status of walk towards Golgotha.

Oh! I want to be like Veronica so bold,
The power to ignore evil thousand fold,
Stretch forth the towel of kindness to deserving,
Move with passion and love towards weakling.

Jacintha Morris,
Welfare Assistant
AG's Office ,

Mob: 9895278001

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