Retail stores provide us a great experience. We get our required products at one stop. It is like one stop shop for all. The newly coming stores are giving good products and customer satisfaction. Earlier we used to have our ration at one shop, then vegetables in Market, cloths in cloth store, and so on. We used to go to individual shops depending upon our needs. But the scenario has changed and we are getting everything under one umbrella.

The malls or stores like big bazaar are giving a perfect retail store experience. Here we are getting what ever be the need. They are providing us the products at lower cost with quality. There is no lack of customer service too. We are finding vegetables, cloths, ration, utensils, photo work, and watches and so on in one store. The stores in some parts of the country are very good. It is like the model of US Giant in retail stores Wal-mart.

It touches the customers of each segment. It has more than 100 stores in all over India. It has all categories of products with it. The store is well organized and with a well behaved employees. But sometimes you may find difficulties in finding a product, which may happen in some of the stores. Hopefully these problems will be cleared.

It has updated its store models and other activities of store according to the growing number of competitors and market. It gives an experience of buying a product. There is no doubt about the quality of service from them. They give a better quality of product and service. It has corners of food court also.

It is like a basket with full of fruits. The store gives you what ever be your requirement. It is a part of the future group. The group has Pantaloon, Big bazaar, Insurance, Home Town, and Central under its belt. Hence we find everything in every store. But big bazaar gives some good retail experience.

The strategies like lower price, good quality, all kinds of products under one roof, engaging cartoons for children, Brand name, and good customer service helped it to perform better. Most of the people go for shopping to big bazaar. Hence from the discussion we can say that it is a perfect retail store

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