If you go to the website for Seed Planters Supply, a grass seed and fertilizer and outdoor power equipment store located in Huntersville, North Carolina, you'll find a list of step-by-step instructions for how to obtain a healthy lawn. You'll also find a few tips about the importance of adding lime to the local Charlotte soil, and how this is crucial for supplying nutrients that the native turf otherwise lacks. You won't find these sorts of customized tips on the website of a major hardware or lawn care supplier, and you certainly won't find them so localized. But that's a big part of what draws customers to smaller retailers like this one--and why a store like Seed Planters Supply can flourish, even in a rough economy.

Lawn maintenance is always important, after all, as homeowners take pride in their property even when money gets tight. Moreover, Seed Planters Supply sells grass seed and fertilizer, as well as outdoor power equipment, to commercial clients, as well--the groundskeepers of a golf course, for instance, to say nothing of equine enthusiasts and professional landscapers. It isn't hard to see why the very idea of a place like Seed Planters Supply, where recommendations and services can be conformed to the local climate and terrain, might hold such great appeal.

Seed Planters Supply has been in business for over 25 years, and though it's located in Huntersville it services the Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, Concord, Denver, Huntersville, and Charlotte areas.

The store doesn't just sell grass seed and fertilizer, as well as outdoor power equipment--it is certified to sell Husqvarna products--but it also offers lawnmower repair and maintenance services. Additionally, Seed Planters Supply markets its own special blend of grass seeds--the Queen City Blend--which is not only named after the city of Charlotte, but designed expressly to grow there. The Seed Planters Supply folks like to say that they don't particularly care where else it grows, so long as it fares well in Charlotte soil.

There's that hometown appeal again. Whether this sort of store represents the wave of the future is anyone's guess, but Seed Planters Supply has been around long enough to make it fairly clear that there's very much a demand for local seed and fertilizer stores like this one--stores that offer just the sort of customized service that you simply won't find in any of the larger, chain hardware stores.

It might strike some as surprising that a store like this, with such a comparatively narrow focus on lawn care products, could compete with bigger, all-purpose home maintenance facilities like Home Depot or Lowes, but actually, that narrow focus is a big part of the appeal; more and more lawn owners are flocking to stores like this one, where lawn care is clearly the priority and the service is centralized instead of scattered. It's all a matter of taking pride in one's field, something any lawn owner can relate to.

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