From my infancy period I always have been taught and nurtured in such a way that I am to follow and achieve my own incubus and aspirations, and yes, I never let anyone come in between me and my enterprise. I won't talk about my dreams because that will be highly irrelevant in this article which I am inking at this moment, so let that part be secured for another branch.

I really adore the first part of my life when I was a little kid, nothing to worry about and could create any chimera and feel happy about the the fact that one day it will be reality. People say, growing up is important as it lays down the path for the future. But, according to me, growing up is the biggest heartbreak of all time when you get to know that even if you don't want anything to come between you and your fantasies, there was and always has been a wall which debars you from turning from dreams into a form of absoluteness.

Twelve years of school life went by and now I barge into an atmosphere which has absolutely no bounds, no rules and norms and most significantly no CARE. I wrote the word 'care' in capital letters as I feel that human beings can still perform well when facets like rules and boundaries are not present, but their conduct is hit badly when the virtue CARING is not really existing in the atmosphere. In the second paragraph, mainly in the last line I wrote about an invisible wall. This fast forwarded life which I am now trying to cope with to the best of my ability made this wall visible, which was once concealed when I was in my childhood.

The wall is this generation itself. My generation or more precisely I should say our generation is a self destructing entity in itself. Sure I can say that we have access to the best of everything starting from the basic necessities to those commodities which are actually of no use to us in everyday life. Increase in job opportunities and lifestyle changes have hit hard on every part of our country. To say in one line, Globalization has obviously without a doubt stirred our country to greater heights.

On the darker side of the moon, it is hurting to say to that due to this phenomenon the aspirations and dreams of more than half the youth population in this country have been killed and buried. When the demands reach to a position when everybody wants the products of the most eminent quality, equally rising with that are the criteria of employment and admissions in MNCs and colleges respectively. This can be seen from the cutoffs nowadays in colleges and other educational institutions which indirectly points to the fact that they want machines not students or to state in the general sense, Humans nowadays. I know India is termed as one of those nations which has bundles of talents, but when seen from a deeper perspective we are only locating those five percent students who have achieved success of the highest level and leaving behind the rest who are inferior. Does that mean that, those who are a little inferior than the best ones have no right to attain their aims and goals? Sadly, but the answer to that question in this 20th century is yes. When I go to college, I witness everlasting number of souls waiting for their meager wages for the small level jobs that they perform, whose dreams have been smashed and tattered in this highly competitive market.

I am still surviving in someway or the other. But, when I see these scenes in my life sometimes I feel so stupid of myself of the fact that I wasted my time dreaming. This world is not for those who dream and see themselves somewhere 10 or 20 years from now on. Now you have to slog it out with an air of uncertainty around you as you don't have the faintest of idea where you might just land up amidst the crowd of people who are as clueless as you yourself are.

Sometimes I ask my parents, that why did they ask me to dream at all when they knew such is the stage outside and all they can give me as an answer is silence. I also can't blame them for what the world is becoming. But one conclusion I can personally can come to now which is also happening in my own life, I am scared to dream.

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