The Network Marketing Industry is growing worldwide at a very accelerated pace right now. In the last few years, I managed to analyze what most people objections were. People in eastern Europe have a totally different mentality and I've had some huge challenges along the way

So why do people point at network marketing and say that it's a scam? Thinking from their perspective, I figured out which are the most common questions people are asking themselves:

1. "Network Marketing only wants to rip people off!"
Well, what can I say to that? This is what lazybones say and you can't do anything about that... they just know "what the catch is"! Even if you present them to the most trustworthy MLM business ever, they would still have something to criticise no matter what the products are or if the joining cost is ridiculously low. No way you are going to "trick" them!

2. "Network marketing is a made-up success story and only the people that get in first are going to make the big money!"
Let me tell you that I have personally seen a guy sponsoring 117 people in one single day in his primary MLM business! It definitely takes some skills to learn and you have to be willing to invest time in order to build your business on the internet like a professional, but nothing can stop you if it is your most burning desire.

3. "Network marketing does not guarantee a steady income!"
Most people just can't imagine a life without hard work. No action that implies uncertainity is ever worth-taking. There's no way you could motivate a person like that to change their way of thinking. The truth is that to be successful you have to be extremely focused and to plan your daily actions very carefully, and that is a thing procrastionators will never do.

Success is, first of all, a state of mind. You really have to see your life's purpose in front of your eyes, be willing to define your goals and take massive action to achieve them.

Think positive and act right now! Network marketing is the ideal way to live a prosperous life and it doesn't take that much to get on the right path. Just believe in yourself, follow the people who have made it and be willing to learn the skills required from an industry leader. You are not gonna believe the way things will change for you!

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