Bangladesh, as a travel destination, exposes many colorful features. It offers versatile holiday spots, which include archaeological sites, historical mosques and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forests and tribal people, wildlife of various species. For enjoying and being in close touch with pristine nature, Bangladesh is one of the most appealing countries of the world. It has world's largest sea beach in Cox's Bazar, the breathtaking Sundarbans, magnificent hilly areas and much more.

Cox's Bazar:

The most incredible and appealing tourist site of Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. It has the world's longest (120 kilometers.) beach inclined gently down to the blue water of the Bay of Bengal. Though the miles of golden sand beach is the core attraction of Cox's Bazar, this is not all. Gigantic sea cliffs, rare conch shells, vibrant pagodas, Buddhist Temples and tribal people and last, but not the least, enchanting sea foods are not at all less tempting.

Some places of Cox's Bazar and its adjoining areas which deserve visits by the tourists are Inani , Himchari, Maheshkhali, Ramu, Sonadia Island, Teknaf and St. Martin's Island- the only coral island of Bangladesh. You can also enjoy the Sea Cruise in the Bay of Bengal.Cox's Bazar is situated at a distance of 153 km. south of Chittagong and is connected both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong. There are a number of Hotels and Resorts available in Cox's Bazar, that offer all sorts of international standard facilities to the tourists.


In the South -Western part of Bangladesh, in the district of greater Khulna, Sundarbans is situated. It means 'the beautiful forest', and is surrounded by thousands of streams, creeks, rivers, and estuaries. It is the natural habitat of the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, lizards, crocodiles, monkeys, jungle fowl, and countless variety of beautiful birds. It is also gifted by nature with rich flora and fauna. It is a land for ordinary holidaymakers to the adventurous wild life photographers. The famous spots for visiting are Katka, Dublar Char, Tin Kona Island and Hiron Point.

Water transport is the only means of communication for visiting the Sundarbans from Khulna or Mongla Port. As it is a restricted area, prior permission must be taken from the Divisional Forest Office, Khulna. The best time to visit Sundarbans is from November to March or during honey collecting season from April-May.


After visiting forest and sea, here we come to the hills of Bangladesh. It is a preferred holiday resort because of its beautiful landscape. The beautiful Kaptai Lake, colorful tribal culture, hanging bridge, Buddhist temples etc make it a place of wonderful picturesque beauty. Speed boat cruising, water skiing, hiking or merely enjoying nature are the means of attraction to the visitors. The ancient Chit Morong Buddhist Temple in Kaptai is one of the most sacred places for Buddhists.

Chandraghona, Khagrachari and Bandarban are the other hill tract districts with striking surroundings and especially Bandarban is really famous for its night life beauty. Neelgiri is now one of the most appealing hilly tourists' destinations of Bangladesh.
These are only the best destinations; the country is abundant with many more tourist attractions. The local hospitality is also very warming. If you are planning for your next holiday, you can certainly consider Bangladesh as one of your options and you will never regret it.

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