In today's society, the importance of streamlining processes and ensuring time is used as efficiently as possible, is spreading like wildfire. It seems people's time is much more precious than ever before. The presence of employee self service systems is just one example of a time saving practice now being implemented.

In essence, employees are now able to access information without the need to contact their HR team or line manager. Rather than emailing or phoning the HR department for information, employees can access information from a central location. Whether it's access to company handbooks, health and safety documents, a company newsletter or the ability to request holidays, training or apply for internal jobs; all of these are possible with an employee self service software system.
Many systems give access to these employee intranets via a web-browser so that no additional software needs be installed. Employees are given a unique username and password and their access can be completed configured to allow them to see only specific areas of the system. For example, line managers may have access to view the details of their employees, while employees only have access to view their own details. Further levels of access can then be set so that line managers cannot see salary details of their employees but they can view absence history.

The time that can be saved by giving employees the ability to request holidays and then have managers approve it, all online, is invaluable. Gone are the paper based systems, which not only take more time and resources to manage, but often mean these types of requests fall to the back of a queue of other work. The employee self service module means requests can be approved instantly by managers or HR staff or by whoever is given access to do so.

Some systems, such as the employee self service module that comes with People Inc, are also completely configurable. It allows groups of employees to be managed by different managers, again spreading the workload intelligently. The delegation of such tasks not only improves efficiently in-house but empowers staff, making them feel more worthy.

The system can also be used by employees to view existing holiday before they make their own personal requests. The absence and holiday calendar can clearly show when other colleagues have holiday booked and then they can submit their requests with this in mind.Some employee self service systems also allow employees to view and then request changes to their personal details. For example, if an employee moves house or changes their bank, they would need to inform HR. It is possible for them to do this through the employee self service module. Again the information would be submitted for approval and once approved; their details would be automatically updated on the system.

The options are endless with systems that are configurable, so then it is just down to the needs and requirements of the individual company in terms of what is actually implemented.

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