When it comes to golf, few cities are as passionate for the sport as the residents of Phoenix. Synthetic putting greens are becoming more and more common in the lush, landscaped backyards of Phoenix and other Southwest cities where year-round golf is one of the most popular outdoor pastimes. Here's a look at a few great reasons to install artificial putting greens in your own back yard.

One of the most common misconceptions about artificial putting greens is that they play differently than natural greens. This is not necessarily the case. Although some of the cheap, inferior versions of synthetic putting greens do feel artificial when you play, high-end companies install synthetic putting greens that play just like the real thing. If you choose a reputable company that has a lot of experience installing putting greens, you will find the greens give you reasonably true action on putts, long chips and short pitches. On a well-made green, golfers in Arizona find that the ball checks-up and holds just like the real thing. A good synthetic putting green will give you realistic ball roll; reacting and putting just like natural grass. You just have to do your homework and choose a company with a great track record and reputation.

For golfers in Arizona, synthetic putting greens are an excellent way to get in more putting practice. And most golfers know that you can shave tons of strokes off your game if you improve your short game. When you have greens right in your back yard, you tend to use them much more often than if you had to go to a golf course. And practice really can make your putting improve. Another great use for an artificial putting green is as a teaching aid for kids who are interested in golf. What a great way to bond with your son or daughter all in the privacy and comfort of your own yard. And artificial putting greens also serve as great family recreation. After dinner the entire family can head out to the yard for a putting competition instead of lounging in front of the television.

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