Living aloof amidst technology

We friends were discussing about the present fast pace of life with fast foods, fast ways of travelling and reaching any place of the world from one corner to another with a very minimal time.
Of course, there are places in some cities , where , the traffic is so bad, people calculate in terms of hours, the time taken to travel few kilometres.
Taking both the above details , we planned to go back in time and try to live , as if we are in the world , before the period , when adam and eve , or the first human being was there.
One of us volunteered to take up the test first.
That person was a mobile addict and cannot live without the mobile even for a few minutes.
The condition given to him was to stay in a closed room , of course , ventilated , but with no mobile, no television, no other audio devices to hear songs etc ; Also he will not be seeing any human being or other creatures .
It was a test to see how long he can withstand this loneliness and what sort of ideas or thoughts run in his mind ;; Of course , unlike a person struggling in a sea , swimming to his best and waiting for somebody to come and rescue him , here it was comparatively easy.
That person stood for an hour and after an hour we called him back and asked him to tell , what he felt and how he managed the time .
He told , he started using the initial period for thinking of how this idea was brought forward by one of us and linked it to new ideas being brought everyday in this competitive world , with the saying , an idea can change your life.

He then started counting using his finger using the bends /lines in the finger and tried to count upto thousands. In between , he was disrupted by the thoughts regarding his work , the ideas regarding improvement in his work place, the events he has to attend that week etc.
Then , for some time he slept , being swayed by the loneliness and the silence and also since he was sure that it is only a question of limited time for this activity. He was also surprised , about being able to spend time without mobile , but then reasoned that , the activities he was doing in the mobile viz communication with people, officially or personally , or playing games or reading news or other information , can all wait for the break to end .
Of course , for him to come to this conclusion , too some time , since initially , he was very much perturbed , but once he convinced his brain that the break is of limited time and that the things a can be continued after the break , helped him cope with the major change.

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