Was wondering for some time , what could be my plan for the day. Then decided to get away from the city to an unknown place and spent the day there.

Got prepared for the day by first putting my mobile in silent mode and taking a decision to see it only if i can't avoid . This is another test of mobile addiction , which i wanted to do.

Told my family that I am going out of station for a day and that will take only urgent calls left for a undisclosed location by taking the first available train from paris.

Got down at the first stop , an unknown place for me to keep the excitement of getting lost more.
Started walking from the station in a direction as my legs took and soon was away from the main road by taking bylanes. There was a park which was open . Entered the same and relaxed on the bench. There was almost deep silence except the occasional chirping of birds and the leaves waving through the wind.

Not much movement of people in the park, due to the odd time of the day.
Suddenly there was a heavy downpour for an hour. Luckily there was shelter inside the park to take refuge from the rain. Of course , the shelter was filled with some people and there was some rustling. Since no known person was there, was not disturbed. A few who tried to talk or share their thoughts about the rain , were disappointed as I did not respond , behaving as if I could not understand , what they said.

Had decided not to talk for the whole day , to get the full effect of the solo path , I had decided to take that day.

After the rain stopped , I started walking from the park and had a good 8 kilometer walk. Since the weather was pleasant , the walk really boosted up my enthusiasm.
Went to a restaurant and had lunch . Then continued my stroll and ended up in a museum . It was a old museum and the remnants of the world war II could be seen. Had a leisurely look at the three floors of the museum and then took a bus back to the station and by train returned to my home.

Though nothing much special may seem to have happened , it was really a big break from my busy routine, where , I hardly get any free time , being always surrounded by people and attending calls. When I put my mobile to normal mode from silent mode, could see 30 missed calls inspite of sending standard "do not disturb. Busy " messages.

My family had tried to contact me and were a bit worried inspite me telling them not to disturb me unless it is very urgent. When I narrated them the events of the day, they were somewhat appreciative, but were arguing that, the family should have gone together . When I argued that the purpose of the trip itself was to get solace in solo break , they were somewhat convinced , but felt it is sort of running away from issues.

Then one of my friends dropped in and joined the conversation. He was a psychologist by profession. He conferred with me that the experiment I did was used as therapy by him in understanding the thinking of people. When left alone to spend time themselves, how people behave was best studied in this manner. They were not restricted by others, but they choose their path of being alone and their behavior was fully as per their thinking and this helped them relax and do things. Observing them during that time, helped him understand their likings , which may be in their subconsciousness and had come out now.

We all then had a chat about the day's events by me and their experiences of the days events .

Decided to repeat the activity , once in a while with variations.

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