I've been asked on more than one occasion to defend the business that I'm in. In addition to the title question, I've been questioned if what I'm doing is legal and / or moral and / or moral. therefore here's a conversation that you can learn by heart and recite on demand when someone places you on the defense about our industry of MLM-Prosperity.

There are lots of misconceptions nowadays about internet promotion, or MLM / Multi Level Marketing. Whichever term you prefer to use, both are just a outline of a sort of compensation plan.
The reality is that network marketing is not a pyramid sting or a ponzi scheme or a chain letter or a cult or any other tried insulting term that we frequently hear bandied about among our family, friends and most frequently, the media.

The truth is that network marketing is nothing less than an alternative strategy of distributing a product or service to the consumer. It isn't a business in and of itself. It is a way of engaging in business. It's a marketing strategy that crosses over to many different types of firms ( nutritional, telecommunications, office services, etc . ) and each marketing specialist is an independent distributor...not a company employee. Each of us has their OWN business. Irrespective of when we join a social marketing company, we are always the head of our own company!

It is the most effective, strong promotional system in the world and is employed by many Fortune five hundred companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Coca-Cola and U.S. Sprint and CitiBank. Yet, while more people are enjoying it's benefits, the majority are still really unversed in it.
Network marketing is a genuine business, with the same risks and potential rewards as ANY business....it's not a hobby.

To quote Richard Poe, previous Senior Editor at Success magazine, and author of several good books on the topic : ...network marketing has risen from the soil and roots of America's heartland, resolutely promising wealth, mlm-prosperity, freedom and limitless horizons to those with the bravery to seek them out. In network marketing, the North American spirit of free corporation finds is purest incarnation today.
social marketing is the perfect vehicle for home-based businesses. It is urban, rural, worldwide.

In traditional forms of business 80% of the cost of getting a service or product to the consumer is promoting related.
Network Marketing firms eliminate all of the go betweens such as, jobbers, wholesalers and retailers ( as well as the extreme price of advertising and promoting ) and deliver the service straight to the end user ( the customer ) thru their distributors. This seriously reduces the cost of getting the service sold because everyone concerned on the way in the normal store sales process marks the cost of the products or service UP as it passes through their hands. With the Network Marketing type of distribution, the increased profits are shared with the distributor network according to their activity.
social marketing enables people to make revenue of their own with very low risk and exceedingly high potential return.

Being a distributor for a network marketing company is like being a salesperson in a large office store, only every consumer you have can become, in turn, a salesman for the product you are selling, and YOU get a proportion of what they sell, wherever they go after leaving the store! What a deal. In a traditional business, this would NEVER occur! In Network Marketing, this is exactly what happens.

Would it be nice if the movie theater paid you a percentage for each person you had referred to one of their current films?
Network Marketing IS a legitimized, legal and ethical kind of doing business and it can offer you the security and liberty you seek. Therefore as I mentioned, commit to memory this tip and lay it on the table for somebody whenever you need to!
May your journey toward MLM-Prosperity be successful.

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