"What can I do if you claim to be a shopping bag!
Contains everything, has nothing, just taken around
I am sure there had been some changes inside
Stains from the things kept long, etched on fabric"

"You are always saying this to me and you don't understand
I was only the witness when money exchanged hands
I was only an onlooker when things were put in and taken out
I was thrown here and there, washed only to be diritied again"

"Can't you do some yoga, some contortion and turn inside out?
You are still young and your bones are supple, your body agile"
"I have done everything they said would help me, I mean
Those people who sell you advice and buys you off"

"Let me teach you step by step, I am not expert though
First empty everything inside, and let no shit get in
When people force things into you, be very polite and
Say 'thank you sir, but it looks better on you!"

Fish for no compliments, look for no favour or love
Give all that but take none of that, not even for fun
When you feel empty, make sure you aren't overlooking
Look deep inside and see, things have left their stains

Read them, it is your story, no getting away now
You have left your book of life closed up for long
Now open it and read it for yourself with interest
Because that is the story of the person you love

When all have left, there is a person still around
And it is you and there is no leaving that one
So learn to love that one and live happily
But , for now turn the shopping bag inside out!

See, it is beautiful, reads just like a book, and look
There are pictures too in this wonderful book
It is your story darling, be proud to tell us more
To those lesser souls who are not sure anymore

You are no more a shopping bag, but a great gold mine
Do share your life and with people who won't complain
You are an artist, and in your previous birth, I am sure
You were the one who drew on the rock faces of caves

You were Shakespeare, Jane Austin and Dickens
You were Keats, Shelley and Wordsworth
For, all the artists of this world are one and the same
They are only mouthpieces of God, our Maker

Who could be more of an artist than he who has made
Order out of chaos, and beauty out of nothing
He is working through you too, so please my dear friend
Have some respect for Him who is so kind to the mankind

You are fine now and there are so many tales to tell
So many songs and so much beauty to spread all around
You hold within you and you are ready to share for free
All that with us as we listen silently as you sing in glee

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