A simple village with humble folk
Where cocks crow woke all at dawn
The windmills blew as the siren
Peasants to farm, wives to barn
Little children baskets in hand.....
No embezzlement to embarrass
No deception of any kind
Only honest people did thrive
No misdeeds open or hidden!

The beauty of the village enhanced
By melodies of Leticia, sweet and loud,
She sat by the window gazing the mirror
And sang notes clear for all to hear
The gentle dancing breeze
Made her heart's notes and tendrils flow
Notes minced with shades of gloom
Spoke of heavenly flowers that didn't bloom!

Her spouse a nobleman far away
No time to spare or soft to care
Anxious of his own clan,
His life was theirs, she didn't dare
Though she quite enchanting
And her voice scintillating
But alone she sat and sang. Poor Leticia!

The landlord came smelling her fame,
He spelt out his woo, tonnes of grain,
He wanted her as gem in his crown
He had a throne of his own.
She declined his move,
A space in crown far pitiable
A golden cage, mere ornamental piece
So alone she sat and sang. Poor Leticia!

A gentleman of repute came
Loyal to his wife, support to the village
Got mesmerized by her song and charm
Wanted her his own life- long lass,
She declined his move
His wife, kids love him their own
A mere infatuation
May fade off, once she loses charm
So alone she sat and sang. Poor Leticia!

A man came in sly when sun went west,
Promised home and nights not lone
Daytime in anonymity, night's familiarity
Masked did he live and ever wished to be!
She declined his move,
Life will ever be in maze, tangled twine
She loved sunshine with birds' chorus
So alone she sat and sang. Poor Leticia!

A musician came to enhance her fame
An oath that she his sole dame
Craved for her love, knelt down,
Pleaded like a boy, no doubt he was!
She declined his move,
Too young a boy, no man
He had miles and miles to go
So alone she sat and sang. Poor Leticia!

Elite Leticia knew the essence of her songs
Made her look young and glowing charm
Many did pry with whom she might tie
For Leticia had in her deep heart a hope
A man of her choice to double her joy
Will be someone lost in life, like her,
But not disheartened, and aims to win.....
Grain, gold or crown cannot enrich
Miseries and sufferings in life blend
She waited for that MAN to come,
Caring arms in broad daylight,
And a love-warmth heart at night:
Let's hope her man to come soon, very soon
To end her solo and a duet to flow
Oh! Poor Leticia....

Jacintha Morris
Welfare Assistant
AG'S Office, Trivandrum

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