we all at some point in life start getting this question. This may be particularly happening when we have time to think. OF course there are people , may be by their upbringing, at an earlier stage in life itself, allot some time , every day or once in a month , for example , to reflect back in the activities or happenings in their life.

There are various factors which play a lead role in a person's life. Parents, neighbours, money or wealth factor, education facilities, motivational factor for learning, training facilities, sports activities , friends , etc are a few. Again these factors again cannot be separated , but are interrelated in terms of the effects they have in molding our life.

will now narrate a few instances in a friend's life and how it played a crucial role in his life. In his school days , he could not get much attention from his parents. They were a large family and the number of siblings were too high for the parents to give more attention. OF course since it was a big joint family, they did have their own way of getting together and enjoying life. They used tp play cricket and had a good number of players to form two teams and play.They had enough work to do and had necessary hands to share the work. SO time was available in plenty to even spend solo.

Activities in school was also not tiring , but enough to create fulfilment in terms of learning and also physical training .

There was combined religious activities and so there was coordinated efforts and socialising to the fullest extent. Sharing of information and knowledge was to the fullest extent. There were of course ego clashes and small fights due to differences of opinion, but it was always sorted out by using the wisdom of the experienced elders in the family.

Living well and living healthy and living fully was the aim. New ideas were allowed , but accepted only after a full debate and confirming that they will play a positive role in betterment of our living.

Sex was taboo in terms of discussion and open expressions, but in the darkness of the night, it was free.Of course, the word rape was not much heard. May be because the media coverage was less . Also mostly it happened by consent , so instances of forced sex might have been less.

THEse happenings may loof weird for a person of this decade, as i am recollecting all these from my experience for the last fifty five years.

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