Earn More Money by Owning a Car Dealer License from the State of Indiana
Why would anyone want a license in Indiana and not in other states??? Well in other states they won't issue a car dealer license for 50 other states... But in Indiana it is absolutely possible!

There are rules and guidelines that were issued by the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles and DoS for anyone who wants to put up a business by selling more than 12 vehicles in Indiana. First applicants must be approved and issued a dealer license by the state. The obstacles or barriers that are needed to be overcome were set by the Indiana Department of State (DoS) not to make it hard for people to an earn extra income but for the people who are buying the cars to be protected by fraud and to make sure that the cars that are being sold have the proper legalities and papers with them.


These are the basics:

• An accomplished and conventional business in Indiana
• A bond for $25,000
• Federal identification number
• A validation or proof for an insurance policy that is up to date.
• Camera to take pictures of existing property both the exterior and interior part.

Now here are the common procedures.

1. Get a dealer license in Indiana by getting and answering all the needed forms. The Application for Dealer Business License - State Form 13215, can be obtained by logging in online and printing out the necessary forms, just visit the official site of Indiana then go to the Secretary of State (Dealers Division) there you will find the form for Indiana Vehicle Merchandising Bond: State Form 53966 (7-09).

If going online is not convenient enough there is still a way to get it through mail. Here is the address;

Secretary of State - Dealer Division
302 West Washington Street, Room E018
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

2. The Application for Dealer Business License - State Form 13215 by should be completely filled out before being sent to the local zoning board to have them signed and validated for the dealership that is the "Zoning Approval." This is under section 18. Make sure that the form was dated and signed.

3. The Indiana Vehicle Merchandising Bond form State Form 53966 (7-09) provides a legit proof to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) that there is a post for a $25,000 bond with the Department of State of Indiana. Make sure that this form is correctly filled out.

4. The forms for the Dealer Business License, State Form 53966 and State Form 131215, must then be mailed to:

Secretary of State -- Dealer Division
302 West Washington Street, Room E018
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

This is the same address where you can also request the forms.

5. After confirmation that that the forms were successfully received, set up a meeting with a representative from the Secretary of State - Dealer Division. To show that the business site of the proposed dealership is following the Secretary of State and BMV rules and regulations the meeting should be set at business site that is in need of the approval.

6. The department Secretary of State will send the much awaited results through mail within 3 weeks from the meeting. If the request was approved the car dealer license must be hanged or placed in a place in the business area where it will be easily seen, it should stand out to make sure that the visitors and new and old customers will easily see it. There is still a chance to reapply and correct the mistakes that were made if the application is denied, for this the applicant should go through the whole process again...

Just for a heads up this procedure is not easy most people that have rated its level of difficulty said that it is indeed challenging so make sure that there is enough time and money allotted for this to be done properly and correctly, there is also an option to get extra help from those who are willing to give it for they know how disheartening it is to go through all the steps just to be told that what was done was not enough.

There is a faster way and a way to not get through all those hassle. Man was definitely not made to be alone and given the chance why would anyone want to get through such difficulty alone when help is being offered? And given that help is being offered. Why would anyone get help from someone who does not even have a good record in the field that they are at when they can get help from one of the best?

The only Car Dealer License provider that is approved by the Better Business Bureau is now extending its service to help more people to expand their business. In a short time of 4 weeks they will be able to provide customers with everything that is needed to get started.

At Pedock Business Solution there is no need to be a local in the State of Indiana to be eligible in getting a wholesale car dealer license in the State of Indiana, compared to the normal procedure the requirements there are minimal and the procedure is simpler.
Compare and Decide... Here are Pedock Business Solution Requirements:
• A dealer bond that is for $25,000.
• There must be a valid Dealer insurance for the plates.
• The applicant's legitimate Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (I.T.I.N.) or he can give his Social Security Number (SSN)
• A valid Identification that was provided by the Government.

What is Included?

• The company's insurance agents will provide the dealers prices that are currently the most competitive in the industry.
• They will set up an S-Corporation with the State of Indiana under the applicant's name.
• A license for a local business, and a dealer plate fee.
• An office suite that is just for $299.00 a month. The company only requires a security deposit that is the first and last month's rent.
• A referral program that is so great that it will allow dealers to not pay their rent.
Now are there GREAT or GREAT!!!???

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