Being humans we have a lot of emotions hidden inside us. Some times we are happy, sometimes annoyed, some times we start loving everything around and the world seems beautiful, whereas some times we can't find any reason to love life and live. These all are the feelings associated with our moods and just because we have different experiences on daily basis our moods keeps on changing. These changing moods have effects on our behavior and attitude towards things and it affects the way we spend our daily lives. Therefore it is important to understand one's emotions.

You may have noticed that at times you are in a bad mood without any specific reason. Well, it is just that we are negating something inside ourselves. There is always a reason behind every mood. We feel down and sad because we have something inside ourselves which either we are ignoring because we don't want to accept it or we are just denying it because we think it couldn't be the reason. This is same as when we start feeling love for someone for the first time in our life and we can't understand that whether it is love or just attraction. There is always a need to know ourselves and not having is clue as to what has happened to us is just because of the lack of understanding on our part.

We are present in this world with some purpose but we are still spending our lives purposelessly. We don't know if there is another end than the obvious one, or will that be new start. It is all so ambiguous that if we start thinking about it we feel depressed. At times, it lits a light of search and we feel the sparkle that there must be some clue and we start running behind that without having a clue that what will we get. All these emotions and feelings shape our lives.

Humans are so complex that understanding oneself is complex at times and expecting others to understand you is just out of question. How you can expect others to understand you when at times you even can't understand yourself?

Since we are complex we must find solutions to face ourselves in gloomy moods. One of the best ways to deal with our complex and non-understandable moods is motivation. Motivation is a driving force that helps us act in a certain direction with certain passion. If motivation is missing we can never reach a desired goal or do a specified act. So whenever you have bad moods, treat yourself with things you like the most to motivate yourself towards certain actions.
Second helpful way of dealing with bad or uncertain mood is to relax. Don't panic and if your inner side is not willing to talk to you for the moment, let it be. Don't force it to speak... let this situation go and once you it is gone you will yourself feel relaxed and in a better position to face yourself and the world.

Another way of dealing with your own bad mood is that indulge in activities you like the most. If you are one of those persons who feel bad moods more often, leave the things you love the most for these moments. Eat some of your favorite food items, visit your friend or go shopping. After all, who doesn't like all of these options?

Once you have dealt with your mood and have calmed it down a bit, probe. Ask yourself what was that hidden thing that has caused you pain and you have reacted strangely. Asking now will help you know the situation so that the next time you may know what that pinching factor is. While probing, beware of that no-no factor i.e. your very inside will lie with you saying it's nothing that is pinching you and its just that you are feeling low but in actual it is not like that as bad moods are not because of nothing...

Once you know yourself well only then will you be able to know what cherish and what hurts you. Know about things as this is important to keep yourself happy and live a prosperous life.

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