The food that we have been utilizing to grow on is the food system that we are much used to. Generally from birth the human gets used with the food stuff or food system that are surrounded by him and while maturing up at different ages the food stuffs also get to liked by him while at the different stage of growth. Wherein some of the places of tropical region in the eastern part, this mostly happens like getting used to the food stuffs had by him at different stages of growth.

While growth is considered it is found out from a combination of genetics and food digestion system, whereas the best food system with a good gene would led to long age or a good immune system. The proper age and an good immune system is what everyone need apart from living royal. So such a genetics found is based only on the birth place or the region where the concerned does the living. So, genetic variations are not found much within the same region say around 700 miles. The variation are found only in different region like travelling to through sea to other continents or long travel to the land area would find the variation in gene and food stuffs. So on such variation can be avoided by having either a good stuff of food cooked well in the native region or the food stuff being cooked which is from the tropical region, most probably Indian Food will serve better.

After all the experiments conducted on some of the favorites of Indian recipe, it seems not only being a favorite serving a good aroma but also the medicinal values that the recipe develops inside the body for immunity. So such a recipes are sorted out from southern part of India and being served here at Fremont and can also be served to any region or continent in the world, since it has the fine recipe with ingredient playing the main role in maintaining the body digestive system and health condition. This can be mostly achieved if you visit some of the south Indian restaurants at California with great exotic food from southern part of India.

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