Remember when you first started Whyville? There was that one special place where you made all of your first friends who never get on anymore? Well, Grotto was mine. I used to play with the fishies! It was so fun!

I would always be the one putting my fishies into the bowls! I think Whyville wanted them back after awhile... LOL!! I met Alex, Melissa, Nessa, John, Ben, and Nana there! I miss them so much now. :( But now Whyville is evolving... I guess that's a good thing? What I'm getting at is my habits of newbie stage. I had a lot, some being: Choosing grotto(I didn't even explore the other places), asking people to trade with me, butting into conversations, virtually messing with manually put-in-the-scene objects; and so much more. It was actually real fun.

Some people dislike newbies because they're annoying... but on Whyville, a lot of people actually give you a chance to be yourself and get to know them. You'll make friends if you're not ugly on the inside. Most times if you do what the little Michael Jackson poser(only kidding!) is doing up there, by joking around about your mess-ups, you'll seem more interesting. When I first started BBS, I was amazed at everything. My favorite section was Human Body, then Life in Whyville General, now Current Events, Music, and Other Topics.

Hopefully Whyville never ends, because it's so fun. My first account was LUVZDATME, which eventually expired soon after I made MomoLuvR. I miss LUVZDATME, because I met everyone on that account... but I guess you can say it was my fault. People will make fun of you when you're a newbie, but virtually stand strong and hold out; try to ease them into consideration that you're the good guy here! :D I know that when I quit, or IF, Whyville; I'll be a sad little bunny. ='( First experiences on Whyville can be very special, so I'd suggest you write them down! (:

But every time I go to Whyville now... it's so hard to believe how it has evolved. I really don't like change, but sometimes it's for the better. So now there is a thumbtack for BBS, so we don't have to travel to Dr. Leila's and click the clipboard. A lot of things I have forgotten about Whyville... and it makes me sad that I did. I'd never ever forget Whyville itself though, it's so dear to me even if it is an addictive website. If you ask me, I'll tell you all of the silly encounters I've had on Whyville. Like, when I used to be a whybaby. We would pretend to have families and play house! :D And when I was in a cat clan, cat clans are fun. they are usually at Why House. Try Whyville out sometime, it's a great educational website. Whyville does not have any viruses or anything... it just doesn't. It's a great place to hang out and find new friends!

Just remember, NEVER give out personal information! not that any would ask, but if they did; double click their avatar and click '911 report', but ever report frivolously! Read the rules first so you know what to report and pay attention to the Chat License test! I really love Whyville because somehow, it's a part of my life. I know... I sound like a no, or low, life loser. Well, I don't care what you think. WHYVILLE ROCKS! :D Make an account today, will ya? I'd love to chat with you! My username is iynne, and I'll show you around. (:

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