Understanding the present trend of living.

We have developed long back from the ape or monkey and have gone through a great transition . Our way of living and culture has had a dramatic progress. Of course, the killer instinct is still there and most of what is happening today is a result of the development of our brain through the years.
Every new generation born has a superior brain , the genes acquiring from the previous generation and further adding itself to move forward.
If for example , we take a child , who is born today, within few days , it starts getting near to the latest technology vis a vis television -that too with the very recent technology whether LED or LCD ; mobiles -here again with the latest internet facilities and video conference facilities etc.
That being the case , if we take a comparison of a child born twenty years ago and now , their behavior pattern seems to be way different from each other.
Even today , there may be people who have to struggle to get the basic needs of food , cloth and shelter . But in spite of their trouble , many of them do tend to get in touch with the mobiles and television and other technology driven comforts like fan, airconditioning etc.
The above facts result in people getting time to think after working for their livelihood and for spending their leisure time , they plan a lot. Also the current market is so competitive, new ways of enjoying the leisure time is being conceived. A few examples being gaming virtually in mobiles and also real time games ; entertainments in terms of videos and movies etc
Another main aspect in the entertainments is the ideas for the movies or videos . Most of them revolve around competing with latest technology viz automobile contests in the form of race with the automobiles having facilities to go driverless, autopilots in aircrafts , games asking people to compete in terms of milliseconds , if not , still lesser time etc
All the above tend to make people go at mad rush as if tomorrow is never going to be there for them to live .
The basic back ground of all the above is the ideas behind and these ideas are due to the development of the brain over the ages , due to the understanding of the world by the people and their research and development.

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