One photographer came from the US, he stayed at shelter which built by himself for one month just for taking a photo of Nuthatch bird playing with water. With his hard working, he photographed a perfect picture which one Bird (Nuthatch) facing water, feeling self-pity and very interesting.

The photographer named Mark Hancox, was 48 years old, came from Hartlebury England and he said you can always see Nuthatch bird flying around here.

As Mark reduced, Nuthatch was a special bird which could perform activity in the tree branches even backwards. I is also the only one bird which could head down activity in the world. This was the reason why Mark decided to took pictures of their trail.

However, the Nuthatch's motion was very flexible. The bird often came and went in the bush or forest vegetation and relied on the trees to protect itself, and only a few stopped on the water. This habit of Nuthatch bird caused a lot of difficulty for Mark.

So, Mark built a shelter near the pond to cover himself. After waiting for one long month, he finally took a photo of one bird flied out of bush and made a stop at a rusted iron hook.

According to the picture, this bird had the head down, very close to water, but was able to stand there quite stably. The bird stared at itself, enjoying it's figure in the water and it seemed that the bird was sort of charmed by itself.

Birds are just like humans, especially like girls. (Human) Girls always like stay at front of mirror and enjoy and appreciate her own figure for a long time and never seems to get bored by it.

This is a instinct of human, now aday,not only girl, but also boy like enjoy their masculine figure from mirror. By this way, they can see clearer about themself, they can prove their outside looking and make them feel more confidence if he or she find him or her look better than before.

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