Revolution is a dramatic and far reaching change which sometimes takes the shape of a war of independence as it did in USA and in India. A revolution takes place when humans are oppressed by other humans. When this happens the mentality to break out from the oppression comes into human mind. The idea of these revolutionary changes are usually brought about by one person who wants to break out from the shell of oppression and free himself and his fellow country men
The idea of the American revolution sprang out first from George Washington's mind due to the domination of UK over the American colonies .The path for the French revolution was actually laid down by Rousseau even though he was actually not a part of it. During the time the British ruled India Mahatma Gandhi was the first to come up with a new revolutionary movement called Ahimsa.the base makers of the American, French and Indian revolutions were simple people whose ideas led to the freedom of their respective countries.

The changes brought by revolutions also had an effect on domestic life. Joan of arc was a woman who wanted to join the French army and fight in the war against the British and since it was a period of male domination she was not allowed to be trained in the army, but she did not give up hope and she revolted until she was accepted in the French army. She won many battles and was declared a martyr when she died. During the First World War, in the midst of the canonization process, the soldiers paid tribute to the heroine by invoking her name on the battlefields. This stone of foundation laid down by Joan of Arc has now maid it possible for woman to be treated equally as me
Gaura Devi was a woman from Uttrakhand who led the revolutionary movement called the Chipko movement . this movement was very essential as it helped in saving a lot of trees for the future generation .Wangari Mathai wasd the founder of the green belt movement. She was the first African woman and the first environmentalist to win the Nobel peace prize. Saalumarada thimmakka was an old woman from Karnataka who planted 400 saplings along a 4 kilometer stretch in Hulikal .These woman worked with great honesty and willpower .They tackled every obstacle on their way and caused a huge revolution in the society.

The need for a revolution is seen in the past and in the present, and it can cause great changes in the future. If one person takes the initiative to stand up and revolt against the injustice the rest will follow. Men and women have both contributed to the revolutionary changes that have taken place and every revolution was first a thought in one persons mind.

Revolution being a dramatic and far reaching change has taken place in the past and has influenced our present and will change our future.Many at times we think that one person alone can't really change anything but we are wrong if we have such a mentality because through Mahatma Gandhi,George Washington,Rousseau etc history has proved that every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind.

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