a study of the human body its basic organs and functions.

There are veins, arteries carrying blood etc . Then there are nerves through which the brain controls the various organs.Then there are the bones, flesh and skin. There are the joints . Rib bone , the femur , thigh bone etc are some of the big bones .
The major parts of the body are the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, . Then there are the eyes, ears, nose , mouth , hands, legs . Then there is the reproduction organs , which also serve as the outlet for the fluids from the body.
The eyes are to see , the nose to breathe , the ears to listen , the mouth to speak and eat. All these four organs also help in balancing the body by controlling the air coming in and out of the body.

Then the skin is the one which give the touch element or feeling.

Heart has the inferior veena cava, superior veena caava, the aorta and the ventricles to purify and supply the blood.
Lungs help in breathing and sending out carbondioixide and taking in oxygen.
Brain has three main parts cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla oblongata. The ears have the inner ear a, outer ear and the cochlea. The eyes have the corona, iris and the pupil.
Then we have the forehead, chin , cheeks , finger, toes, hair on the head and less hair on other parts of the body, nails ,palm lines, eye brows.

The more we use our organs , the more we live. Also we have to remember not to strain the organs . Our eating habits, working habits, sleeping pattern etc all matter to live life better.

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