Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is an industry in which outsourcing operations of business activities to a third party is done. BPO is mainly concerned with back office operations of the business in which functions related to accounting, finance, HR and front office operations related with the customer contact services. Basically a BPO career is categorized into: 1) Voice Process, 2) Non-Voice Process and 3) Semi-Voice Process. Based on the purposes, there are two types of processes: 1) Inbound and 2) Outbound. In inbound process, the customer care receives calls from the customers, while in outbound process the calls will be to the customers mainly for the sales purpose.
The salary package in a BPO industry is lesser than a KPO industry. Many of us think that BPO is a boring routine job and there are only fewer opportunities to flourish in it. If the candidates possess excessive skills than expected, they have the idea of seeking KPO careers instead of BPO careers. However, the fact is that one can also grow in a BPO industry with a good salary package. The thing is that the candidates possessing excessive skills should perform some networking courses or should have possess a sound accounting background, so that they can find a suitable job in a BPO industry itself with their expected career environment and expected salary package. For the young professionals, BPO is one of the best career options. Even it is the best option during recession since there are still career growth opportunities for them in those depressed periods.
Also in a BPO industry, the candidates get their pay even in the training periods. Though a BPO career mostly involves 24/7 rotational shifts, it is a fast growing opportunity. Once can advance from entry level to team leader and then to project head. Afterwards, one can also become a project manager in a BPO industry.
Allsec Technologies is a leading BPO concern, which hires Customer Support Officers for the international process. The following are job requirements: Graduates or diploma holders with 13 years of educational background can apply. Those who pursue PG degree are also eligible. One should possess excellent English communication skills and should be willing to work in night shifts. The age limit is 18 to 32 years.
Candidates meeting the above requirements can directly walk-in interview in Chennai Trade Center where Chennai Jumbo Job Fair is being conducted in 14th and 12th July from 10 am to 5 pm. For reference, one can log on to Allsec website or to the advertisement posted on Jobsdada website.

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