Child rearing is more a difficult task compared to child bearing! I am sure all the mothers would accept this .Protection and safety is one thing which is very important while taking care of children which we always have to bear in mind. Children less than five years are at high risk for various accidents either at home or outside. Accidents are off course common in all children but we parents ought to supervise and see that they don't have any major accidents. Today around 30% of the children have major accidents such as motor vehicle accidents and burns which can be prevented.

Children above one year are very curious and exploring and want to know various things. Parents must be watchful when taking them out as well as supervise them at play. There are certain tips by which we can protect them from falling.

• Keep sharp things away from children: Sometimes children tend to imitate parents when they see their parents cooking or doing some work, like cutting vegetables, lighting a candle or peeling a fruit .They try to do or even play with it and consider it as one of his/her toy. Parents need to tell them that these cause harm to them and cannot be taken as a toy.

• Keep all medicines under lock: Children tend to try out new medicines as they look colorful. So, be careful to keep all those medicines in a safe and non reachable place.

• Label the medicines correctly: Labelling medicines is very important sine when wrong medicines are kept in bottles children think it as the usual one and they drink it, therefore be careful so that even we parents don't make the mistake of giving the wrong one to the child.

• Keep hot ovens and gas stoves at a higher range: Burns is the major cause for accidents in children less than 5 years. Parents should be careful in handling hot vessels when children are around. Children do not know whether touching certain things will cause harm or not. Therefore keep all gas stoves and hot ovens above reach of children.

• Wear seat belts while taking them outside: Motor vehicle accidents are another cause for accidents in children. Children have to be taken out in cars with seat belts since any jerk would cause them fall with great force.

• Provide toys that are sturdy and big enough: Toys are children favorite ones .Parents must be careful in choosing the right toy for the child .Small children from 9 months on learn to pick up objects and try to put them in their mouth .toys need to be big, sturdy with no chemicals and no removable parts.

Other aspects of child safety practices

• Keep them away from wells and tanks which are at a lower level:
• Supervise them at play
• Be with them while crossing the road
• Do not give small objects or toys to play

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