East Or West India Is The Best
India has a rich varied culture hidden in it. After few kilometers we find the language food and customs keeps on changing. Geographically it is located on the southern part of Asian continent. It is one of the biggest countries in terms of area. India is surrounded from all sides by natural beauty in the northern part we have the huge Himalayas which is the biggest mountain in the world. In the southern part we have the Indian Ocean and in the eastern part we have the Bay of Bengal and in the Western part we have the Arabian sea. In terms of population it is second most densely populated next to China. It is a democratic, socialist, secular and republic country. Elections are held after a span of five years compromising from local Gram Panchayat to national that is Member of Parliament. New Delhi is the capital of India. There are twenty eight states and seven Union territories in India. Hindi is the national language of India. The National Flag is known as Tiranga which means tri colour with saffron, white and green colour. In the center of white stripe we have Asoka Chakra with twenty four spokes symbolizing about twenty four hours a day. The national anthem is Jana Gana Mana. India is a land of villages Indian soil have produced many saints. Sufis and historical leaders. The greatest weapon non-violence for fighting against violence was giving by India. Republic day and Independence day are the national festivals of India Government declares public holiday. India has rich culture to see many foreign tourists flock to country the see the many historical monuments. The symbol of love and one of the seven wonders of the world that is Taj Mahal at Agra is also locate in India followed by various Jama Masjid in New Delhi many Mughal toms and historical buildings also adds beauty to Indian culture. In India we have three forms of Government the central government the state government and the local government. The defense system has three wings such as Army Navy and Air Force. India is also famous for rich varied food items the spices add delicious aroma to food and taste. India has also given many sports person in cricket, tennis, wrestling, chess and so on. Indian people are very nice with hospitality and good behavior. But recent charges of several corruption have spoil the image of India in national and international level. Now people begin to say that India is very good but not to talk about politics and politician.

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A teacher by profession