What would you do if you sent a letter to an elder person with an epithet

"To the gracious feet of ---"

The next day you recieve a letter in response which goes this way-

My Dear XXXX,
Neither you nor I know what special significance it gives to the feet to call them 'gracious.' Therefore the epithet is
worse than useless, and had better be dropped. And then it is apt to
give one a nervous shock when you address your letter only to the
feet, completely ignoring their owner. But you should understand, that
so long as my feet are attached to my body, you should never
dissociate them from their context.

Next, you should bear in mind that human feet have not the advantage
of prehensibility, and it is sheer madness to offer anything to them,
confounding their natural function.

Lastly, your use of the plural inflection to the word 'feet,' instead
of the dual, may denote special reverence on your part (because there
are animals with four feet which have your particular veneration) but
I consider it my duty to disabuse your mind of all errors concerning
my own zoological identity.


Many of you'd say "What the ----" (four characters can be filled by the word which first hits your mind :) ). These phrases are from a book "The broken ties" and the author is none other than Rabindra nath tagore, I'm really surprised by the sense of humour of this great man. His writings are marvellous every page would teach you something about life. Every page will occupy some part of your mind and many of them even touch your heart. I'm sure some of the modern authors have tons to learn from this man, even though they are capable of writing better unless they stop serving "the gracious feet of publishers" and start writing something which is out of their heart and not from their mind (ohh I'm sorry its neither from authors heart nor it is from his mind its from publishers pocket) we may not be able to see another Geetanjali. Modern day books are more like telugu movies people want action, drama, comedy, suspense, thriller, biryani, dosa, idli, vada everything in one book and thats exactly what the authors give to you ... irresistable, bestsellers. Most of us have read many books, yet when we want to go for a new book what catches our eyes first are the words like "bestseller" and "More than million copies sold". Some times its bingo!! you hit the book which suits you and sometimes you are unlucky and end up reading something that you just want to be overbut it never does, finally you end up reading some last chapters of book only to boast before your friends that you have yet another book in your basket( me no exception :) ). Next time you are not able to complete a book or finding it really hard to find time to finish it, I think you'd better reconsider reading the book, because if you really love a book you will not even realize that its over and when you are done with it you feel so happy and you just want to read it over and over again and again, may not be always true with every good book its just that the book suits your mindset. Many would suggest you a thousand good books if you are a beginner, but I feel you should do some research of yourself first know what kind of person you are and with internet you have the perfect resource to reach your kind of book. Books are most beautiful creatures they teach you a million things silently they never yell at you yet they make a never ending impression in your mind which sometimes changes the way you think and some can even change your perception of world. So happy reading and happy christmas :).

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