Asthma - a personal experience

Asthma . We hear of this word quite often. Some of us may be even experiencing it. A view of the symptoms, possible reasons for the attack and the remedies as envisaged by me are enumerated.

Am not a physician and am only sharing my experience as well as the experience of my close circle of friends and relatives. As we are all aware , it is better to take the advice of a doctor , before taking any medicine.

There are different reasons for a person to get asthma attack. Allergic to perfumes or some smells ; food choice ; overeating ; Sweating ; sleeping immediately after a heavy meal etc. could be a few possible reasons.
For smell related allergies , one solution is to avoid if possible. Sometimes , for example during a pooja, we may not be able to avoid it. Then we can try to have mask and/or try to stand , as much away from the smoke as possible. Also try to stand in a place where some fresh air also will be there.
Food selection may be important for some persons. For example , oil or oil rich food , fatty foods , very cold food items like ice creams etc may have to be avoided or quantity has to be restricted . Ice cream may be taken at not too cool temperatures. Slight melting stage may be fine.
Also overeating , particularly , in the night may have to be avoided . Also a good gap of a few hours between taking food and going to bed will be helpful. Also try to sleep in the left side , when you go to bed. You may turn during sleep ; it is ok; But while getting to sleep , if we sleep in the left side, it help in digestion. Have read it somewhere in google , but have also tried it and found , it is good.
Sweating could be a plausible cause , as it may aid in getting cough and phlum formation. Taking warm water quite often and avoiding cool water may help.

Walking before sleeping and after dinner for about 15 minutes will be useful. It can be a slow relaxed walk.

Another factor to help may be , to do march past in the morning. It helps in warming the body , particularly in removing congestion in chest and also activate the muscles .
Doing pranayama and/or meditation will also help. Tension/stress is another factor which induces asthma attack and it can be overcome by relaxing the body and mind through meditation and /or pranayama.

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