Often many get disappointed when they don't get the response as they expected for favours granted. It is indeed a great fact that GIFTS SHOULD NOT BE ATTACHED WITH STRINGS. we should not even expect a polite THANK YOU once we do something good to others. Lets choose the PASSING CLOUD theory into practice and expect nothing for the aid it renders.


I like the passing cloud,
Laden with droplets, cool
As much as it could hold,
On spot of withered field,
Halts, to drain the droplets,
Pauses, till brown turns green,
Waits, for different fruits to grow,
Or coloured petals to sway,
Then slowly it drifts away,
Collects droplets on the way,
Lying idle at sky bay.

The cloud by itself doesn't adorn,
With flowers those fields bore,
Does not wait to taste,
The fruits the plants hold.
Aroma the flowers exalts,
Strengthens the cloud,
To hold droplets more.

Smile on farmers face,
Motivates it to roll with grace.
The cloud is dark, not bright,
No ornamental shape on sight,
Few could see the silvery line,
Fulfilling little help in time,
Floating with ray of hope.

Let not the wild wind tear apart,
Or the mighty storms shatter it,
Let only the gentle breeze blow,
And take it to places it wants to flow.


AG's Office

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