Positive news

The need of the hour.

Today morning opened the newspaper.
In the first page, the list of news was --rape in a city, dowry death in a town, accident of trains derailing, drug menace in sports .

In the morning , when we read so much negative news , the impact is too huge to neglect. It automatically makes more pessimists out of us. We start fearing more and doubting people more. This chain reaction adds up to the negativity in the air.
There are some positive news sites in the web. But more and more newspapers delivering positive content is an immediate necessity.
Newspapers reading is the first thing , ninety percent of the people in the world do .If we can collect more and more positive news from locals and put it in the first page , it will have a great impact on the life of the people.
Examples of positive news in the first page could be -
a) auto driver returned a bag with five lakhs left behind by a passenger.
b) In a road accident, timely help by a passer by , by giving first aid , helped the victim to be saved.
c) Scholarships are given to deserving students on merit basis for educational fee payment etc. please contact the following address ....
d) Trees /saplings are being given at the following address for free. Please collect and plant in your neighborhood . let us grow more plants and trees and make the environment better.
e) Marathon/half marathon is being conducted this Saturday . all are encouraged to participate.
f) Yoga classes conducted
g) Laughter club meet this Sunday . let us all laugh it out.

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