I recently tried to find a list of restaurants in my area (Bolton, nr Manchester, UK) at the time however it seemed that there just wasn't any sites at all giving a comprehensive list!!?? This seemed very strange considering the world wide web supposedly has everything for everybody. I eventually found a couple of restaurants on the net (although their websites were quite poor to say the least) and dined out at one of them I'm happy to say.

After this experience though I was perplexed as to the lack of quality sites giving this simple information, I decided to explore the net a little more thoroughly.

What I eventually found was that there are a few sites for individual restaurants, those savvy enough to have a presence on the web, and even managed to find a couple (2-3) of sites that did have a list of restaurants in my area and the surrounding areas. I have actually now found a couple more but have to say that there is only a couple that make navigation and finding the restaurants in the areas that you want easy. They all offer similar services but some are poorly laid out and just seem to make life difficult, on top of this there are only 2 or 3 that are comprehensive, most are clearly set up by large organisations and cant spend the time listing all restaurants in smaller cities and towns, it is here that the difference is noticeable. The good sites are generally those that list even the smaller towns eateries.

I am happy to say that I have now discovered the sites that I feel are most useful and will definitely continue to use them. This is such a basic idea for a website and its crazy to think that something so massively useful that would undoubtedly but used by large amounts of people is being better implemented. If we just stop to think that people don't tend to eat out all that often so its quite possible that most people will only know a handful of restaurants in their town, or if they have heard of others it is simply through word of mouth, how much better is it to then see exactly where the restaurant is and see their menu online, easily done and should be far more common than it currently is

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A. Black