It was time for summer vacation, when i planned to go to my grandmother's home town named Nagjagai,a village, located at the end of Uttarakhand (India). Then on the next morning I left for Srinagar and from there I had to catch the bus for Nagjagai, but due to heavy rainfall I had to stay in Srinagar, and the next morning I moved for Nagjagai, but when i was at about 10 km to Nagjagai, the bus driver stopped the bus due to traffic jam.

When I inquired he told me that there was a road accident, due to which they could not go ahead. After waiting for several hours I decided to go by foot. When i was on my way, it began to rain heavily and I had to take shelter under a tree. When the rain stopped, it began to get dark and after waking for some time I forgot the way, and then began to cry that I'm lost, because it was a jungle area. While I was trying to pray to God, a man came to me and asked me why i was so worried and why i was crying?

I got some relief after seeing him and I told him the whole story. Then he consoled me that he was also going to the same place, and began to walk with me, he was very nice person with good physique. On the whole way he continued to tell about the history of that place. When i reached my destination, he went away pretending that he had some work. When i reached my grand mothers home, I told the whole story to my grand mother, then my grandmother take a deep breath and asked me to thank god and she told me that he was the god of village, who always help the needy people. The next morning i went to temple and thanked god for helping me. That was the day i met god accidentally, but unaware that he was god. So the god exist and can help u in any form.

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