Religion is a creation of man. Since man started developing his brain by his experiences , he started creating . There were natural creations viz trees, plants, forests, mountain, volcano,sea, rivers humans animals insects etc. Man started studying nature around him and also himself. The more he started asking questions , he started getting answers. Some were correct and some got corrected later by more experience. The fire creation using two stones was one of the very early idea got by man. Then he started making clothes out of leaves, twigs etc. He started being different from animals . He started communicating with other humans by words of his creation. Then he started creating letter , the forerunner of this being heorogliphs. Then the languages developed further and in parallel , different languages started getting created. There were very much similarities between some of the languages ; like Sanskrit german etc .IT could be possibly because , people did manage to travel may be in less numbers , but more distances and again travelling for more days to reach a place. The navigation through sea was found much later. The aeroplane came still very much later.

The printing technology started changing the world rapidly. It helped in dissemination of information faster . With communication technology getting developed faster, and combined with printing, the technology sharing and updating helped technology grow much faster.
During all this process, the man's brain developed further. Of course, it was not a single source from which all knowledge was taken and so by the developments in the different places in the world , the culture changes took place .

Here religion played a major rule. Because , what man could not comprehend , he created a creator and made him responsible for all the happenings.
Thus were born the different religions. AM not discussing about religions here on second thoughts, as it is better left to the wisdom of each person to understand and follow his own religion.
Continuing on the study of the natural changes taking place , due to the advent of technology , man did rely on religion to a great extent.
There were of course different types of medicines available to help man over come the deficiencies in the body created due to the lifestyle of living. allopathy was mximum used. But since side effects seem to be more, the forms viz homeopathy, unani, naturopathy and siddha forms of medicines are used on a large scale now , thougth allopathy still seems to dominate.

recently we have observed that there are lot of contradictions regarding the way of administering medicines and the choice of medicines. Also cost factor is playing a major role.

Drugs for cancer etc like major diseases are still being developed. The chemotherapy which is the widely used form of treatment for cancer has not assured any clear solution for good living without much side effects or pain; But since people have not come to terms with accepting the path to the next world and they are not clear about the role in this world , there are lot of unwanted happenings like people forced to spend more money for treatment , particularly in countries where the insurance coverage is not very good.
EVen in places where insurance cover is good , it has not assured that comfortable life for people after the treatments.
We can only hope that the more discussions happening now , the high end research going on and the availability of loads of information , will help man overcome these issues and find remedy for all ills and also help himself lead a good healthy and long life.

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