Every bathroom rebuilding presents three focus areas for you. These are the budget, function and style. On a foot square perspective, bathrooms require the most amount of money to renovate. Take the cost of a small fixture such as a bathroom faucet. Estimate the total budget involved along with the cost of the essential valves, trims and the mixers, and you'll find that it is beyond what you expected.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Unless the layout of your bathroom really isn't functional, try to keep the new fixtures in the same general location. In the case of a client's loft bathroom, a designer had to replace and switch all the fittings. She had to order a tub made for two people, a more stylish one-piece toilet, a vanity of wood, and a free upright looking glass to be installed in total. The trick she used was not to mess with the basic locations of the fixtures.

Decide on a feature that will ensure that the money is best used. In a different case, whenever the client left the bathroom door open, a pink vanity could be seen to people in the loft. She redesigned the situation so that now, from the loft, you can clearly see a stunning wooden vanity having wall-mounted faucets and glass doors. To repair the damage to the budget this did, she went for a cheaper tub, and other fixtures such as tiles.

Sometimes the bathroom is less of a bathroom and more of a war field. Everywhere it is arms and feet and legs - bathing, spraying, brushing, and pruning. A few schemes can help you keep the bathroom from transforming in to a war arena - which can be used by couples and even families.

Vanity drawers afford more accessible storage than doors where items are hard to reach on deep shelves. A not-so-deep pantry-style cabinet can be put up on an empty wall, and the towel bar can be made to serve as a door handle as well to save space. A 5-foot tall, 8-inch deep wall-mounted cabinet fitted in the bathroom of a client created space to stock enough toiletries to fill up a little store.

It does not matter how much you fight it, strip lights just won't help you look good. The use of light sconces flanking the mirror is better as it lights you up evenly on both sides and lets you see how you are looking. There are numerous couples that select double sink vanities and what they don't see is that the real fight is over the mirror space. In the case of one couple, the result was that 'her' mirror was seen on top of the sink and 'his' mirror was placed over the toilet.

The primary quest in contemporary bathrooms is to model them as simple and unpretentious and yet maintain the warmth and coziness. For imparting a warmer tone to your bathroom tries to slip in these things. Wood and natural materials. From a physical point of view, it feels warmer to touch wood than other surfaces, and it also puts in the extra element of class.

Bathrooms are filled with hard shiny fixtures and surfaces. The introduction of materials that create contrast ensures visual interest while the use of textures adds warmth to the bathroom at large. One example is that of the designer who used patterned mosaic wall tiles, a grainy slate floor and cotton towels to provide an answer to the spare lines that ran through her client's bathroom. She said that the featureless and dowdy bathroom became a plush spa resort for relaxation.

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